Chapter 1 - World of Swords

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Hey guys! Firestorm40 here. This is one of my newest stories, don't worry, I still write Fox Slayer soon. If you guys wanna know why I slow on the update, I've kinda had this idea for a while now. Anyway, this is my newest project, a Sword Art Online story, I dunno if you guys enjoy it or not, I hope you guys do. Saito (my oc) and Kirito are good childhood friends, so don't get confuse when you read they already know each other. Anyway, disclaimer!

I own nothing but my oc. This will be following the anime, So if there's anything wrong tell me in the review.



In 2022

Humanity has finally created a complete virtual enviroment.

In a game called...

"Sword Art Online"

"Its time for this week MMO stream! We began with a promotion video. Was this the day of last week's launch? What with all of the people waiting in line for? Sword Art Online!"

"Man... that's one hell of a line..." A spiky blond haired boy said as he continued to watch tv in his medium size apartment living room. He had tanned skin, and a slight muscular body. His green eyes watched the tv as it kept going on and on about the game."Good thing I pre-ordered that game..."

"Young master, do you want some tea?" An eldery man walked in, wearing butler clothes as he carried a tray of tea.

"Ah... thank's Robert."

"My pleasure, young master Saito."

The blond boy, who was now identified as Saito, sipped his tea. "Man... its been a week and the line's still that long...".com

Robert chuckled. "Well, it IS the only game that has virtual reality."

"True..." Saito's cell began to beep as he check it, 1 message, it said.

Hey, you ready?


Saito grinned before replying.



Saito quickly rose from his coach and walked towards his room. "Well Robert, I have an appointment I need to attend, thanks for the tea."

"With master Kirito?"

"Yup, we're meeting up inside the game, you know, the usual drill."

Robert nodded. "Have a fun game, young master."

Saito gave a thumb's up, before entering his room. His room was a medium size room with a desk and two drawers, books of manga and games neatly placed in one of the drawers, posters of games and anime hung all over the room's wall. Saito walked to his desk and picked up a helmet like device and putted it on, before he lie down on the bed and grinned.

"Link, start."

'Head link, check'

'Body link, check'

'Hands link, check'

'Legs link, check'

'Checking complete.'

'Language: Japanese'

'Account: ******

'Password: *******

Creation Character:

Beta test data still available.

Would you like to use it?

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