Chapter One: Lustful Nightmares

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Well everyone, after being constantly badgered by my sister I have finally posted the first chapter to my Tentacleshipping story. I hope you enjoy then first chapter. Tell me what you think


Chapter One: Lustful Nightmares

Yuma had just returned home from another awesome duel. He had won obviously, but this duel was different. Astral wasn't there like usual. Yuma didn't think much of it, thinking that he must be off somewhere looking for more Numbers, but he could have at least said something to him before running off. Rushing off to his room, Yuma made a last minute decision to take a quick bath before heading off to bed.

Sitting in the relaxing hot water Yuma could feel all his worries just wash away. No worries about hunting down Number cards, school or even his sister scolding him for she was out on a date which surprised Yuma a great deal. With his face half way underneath the water he suddenly looked down at his Emperor Key that was slightly floating underneath the water. Cupping it in his hand along with the bath water Yuma started to think about his father and when he may be coming back and where the hell Astral was.

"I wonder where Astral went off to. I get he doesn't have to tell me everything, but it would still be nice to know before he goes and runs off on me." Yuma suddenly dove down underneath the water to clear his head before deciding to get out of the tube and head off to bed.

Changing into his pajamas Yuma jumped up into his hammock. Looking up at his ceiling his eyes started to get heavy on him and he was suddenly fast asleep. As he slept he suddenly felt his body getting heavy but couldn't move or even open his eyes to do anything about it. The only thing he could do was fight to try to open his eyes.

"What's going on?! I feel strange. My body is heavy, and I can't move."

"What is wrong Yuma? Can you not move?" A snickering voice echoed in Yuma's ear.

He knew that voice, but it couldn't possibly be him. He and Astral had defeated him long ago. So, how is he back?

"Number 96?! What are you doing here?!"Yuma asked, still unable to see.

"Why indeed. But I think the bigger question that you want to know is, where is Astral?"

There was a sinister tone in Dark Mist's voice. Like he knew where Astral was and why he was gone. Yuma continued to struggle to move his body and open his eyes, but the more he struggled the heavier his body felt and the darkness that covered his eyes seemed to get even darker.

"Oh, can you not move, Yuma? There is a good reason for that."

The darkness that covered Yuma's eyes suddenly lifted. He could see, but just barely. Although he could see he still couldn't move. As he looked at his body to see what was constricting him from moving Yuma was suddenly thrown to the ground. The sudden fall made Yuma lock up. He couldn't breathe. The wind was knocked out of him.

"Oh, I am so sorry Yuma. Did that hurt? Can you not breath?" Dark Mist suddenly let out a cackling laugh. A laugh that was all too familiar to Yuma.

"What do you want Number 96?" Yuma was finally able to say with a scowl on his face.

"What is that look for? Of course, I understand why you would be this way towards me. I have tried to kill you and Astral on several occasions in the past. But since Astral is gone I have decided I am going to make your life hell!"

Dark Mist suddenly lifted Yuma's body off the ground, giving Yuma a chance to see what was tying up his body. Dark Mist had him wrapped up in his tentacles. Panic started to set in as Yuma struggled to get free.

"Let go of me! Let go of me right now Number 96!"

"I will not. Tonight, is going to be the first step in getting my revenge on you and that weakling Astral. Now, hold still and stop struggling for a while. I want to hear you scream!"

96's tentacles started to work their way to places that were most unpleasant. Yuma's body started to tremble, his breath was starting to get hot and tears were in his eyes. He wanted 96 to stop. He wanted Astral to come help him like he always did. Where is Astral?

"Astral, where are you? Where have you gone all of a sudden? Please, Astral, don't disappear like last time. Please... Astral, come back!"

"What is this? You've become so quite all of a sudden, Yuma. You are shacking as well. Does it feel that good to have your body played with. I bet you do not even do this to yourself. Am I right?" 96 whispered into Yuma's like he was teasing him.

"Sh-shut up... and let me go."

"Let you go? Do you really want me to do that? Look at how you are. You are leaking from down there." 96 laugh as he gently placed Yuma on the ground. Showing Yuma, the tentacle that was messing with his lower half.

"No way! That's... that's from down there? Stop! Just stop please and let me go! Let me go, leave me along and bring Astral back!" Yuma started to thrash around, trying to get away from Number 96.

96 didn't even have to struggle to keep Yuma in his grip. He slowly drifted over top of Yuma and sat on his chest. An evil smile warping his face. Yuma was terrified.

"You must have quite a bit build up down there. Let me help you and then I will let you be... for now." 96's tentacle that was messing with Yuma's lower half made its way back down Yuma's pajama bottoms and his underwear and wrapped its self around his sensitive area.

The pressure was building up. His breath was so hot it could be seen. His toes and fingers started to curl. It was getting to the point to where a Yuma couldn't take it anymore.

"You can cum Yuma. It will feel much better and the quicker you cum the sooner this will all be over and done with. Just let it out." 96 started to caress Yuma's face.

"I-I don't want to... b-but I can't hold it in anymore!" Yuma let out of soft moan as something warm started to leak from his lower sensitive area.

Once it was over Number 96's tentacles released Yuma from their grasp. Leaving marks all over his body. Dark Mist was still sitting on Yuma's chest, feeling Yuma's heavy breaths from exhaustion. As Yuma laid on his back all exhausted he suddenly started to hear 96 laughing. It angered Yuma to see his old enemy get such pleasure to see him like this.

"That is a nice expression you have on your face right know. And that cumming face of yours was so exciting. This will do for now. Maybe next time the two of us can have even more fun together. Go even further than we did this time. Until then, this will be our little secret, Yuma." 96 licked Yuma's cheek before getting off of his chest and floating up into the air.

Yuma started to sit up and as he watched 96 staring to float away Yuma still had some final words for him until their next meeting. "Wait 96, you still haven't answered my question!"

"And what question would that be?"

"Where's Astral?"

"Humm? Good question. I will tell you once I get bored playing with you. Now go back and do not tell anyone about what happened tonight. This will be our little secret."

"Wait! You can't just..."

Just like that Yuma's eyes opened and he found himself back in his room. His breathing was heavy, face hot and red, his heart was beating a thousand miles a second and he felt a little strange. It was a dream? It had to be. But who on earth has dreams like that? Carefully Yuma sat up in his hammock trying to calm his heart beat.

"I don't know what kind of dream that was, but I feel kind of strange down there." Yuma lifted the rim of his pajama bottoms to see that it was no dream at all. "So, it really happened. Astral's gone and Number 96 knows where he is but won't tell me. This is a total nightmare."

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