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"Me and Agent Carter will be going, get him ready and wait for my signal to start the procedure," the Colonel told me, interrupting Agent Carter. I nodded and he left, Peggy just behind him.

Me and Steve walked down the stairs.

"So," he said. "Is this going to hurt."

"Um, yes it is." I answered truthfully. He simply nodded. I couldn't lie to him, could I? If it were to hurt, at least he would be prepared.

"Great. Nice. I guess," the man answered.

"How old are you, Mr. Rogers?" I asked him. I already knew he was 23 years old, but I needed to keep the conversation going. The boy was visibly terrified.

"I'm 23, and call me Steve," he answered as expected. "Honestly, when I was a kid, this is not how I imagined to die," he answered.

"Are you saying you don't trust my machine?" I asked, playing hurt. He chuckled a bit, but still was very nervous. I gave him a warm smile. "Look, you'll be fine. If something happens, we'll stop the treatment right away, alright?" With that, he seamed to finally have picked up on the accent.

"You're not from around here, are you?" He asked as Howard helped him on the bed. I smiled at the comment.

"Not exactly," I answered honestly. What? It's not like I'm simply gonna reveal that I'm an alien. By the way, no one actually knows, and Steve Rogers is not gonna be the first one. 

"You sound Australian," he said as Howard strapped him up. "Or maybe British? I don't really know the difference..." I chuckled.

"I'm from none of those countries, actually," I told him. "Let's make a deal: you go through the procedure and I tell you where I'm from, eh?" He grinned and nodded.

"Mr. Stark, Miss. Jones, are you two ready?" We heard from the upper room we could only see though the little window on the wall. Many army people were standing and sitting in there, just like Peggy. Yes, I said Army people. It's not my fault I don't know the army roles on earth, I've never been in the army around here, don't judge me.

Me and Howard got ready and we received the 'go' order. 10%: Steve's vitals were a bit altered, but still technically normal. 20%: I started to see some bigger alterations, but nothing important. 30%: major changes in his blood and body were being made, it could be something important. I decided to keep an eye on it.

When the machine reached 60%, there was a problem. Rogers started to scream, and Howard visibly didn't know what to do. I looked over to the vitals; nothing wrong, nothing that could be causing pain. His screams were agonizing, and I could hear the colonel yelling for us to stop the procedure.

"Wait, WAIT DON'T!" I yelled back as Howard had his hand on the red button. Of course. How could I be so stupid.

I ran to the stabilizer of the electrons and augmented the speed of the energy being sent to the boy's brain.It was obvious wasn't It? Well, apparently, it wasn't. Everyone looked at me for an explanation.

"His nerves are already over developed. Half of the work is done." I explained.

"So?" Howard asked. I rolled my eyes at him. And he calls himself a scientist?

"Nerve impulses sent from the brain move at a speed of 274 km/h. His are already at least three times faster. We just needed to adjust the electron stabilizer," I said as I augmented the machine to 80%.

We reached 100% and turned off the machine. I was just as curious as the ones next to me. We were dying to see what exactly had happened to the skinny Steve Rogers we had all seen get in my machine.

And... well, let's just say that none of us see expecting that. Before the chamber opened, I stood in front of it and looked a bit above my head, since he was 5"6' and I was a bit over 5"4'. The thing is, as the door opened, I found myself face to face with some man boobs. I mean, dude, I hadn't seen anything like that like ever.

It took me some time to be able to rise my eyes and finally look at the man's eyes.

Anyways, that's how 1941 was like. Until when the war ended; Steve Rogers become a hero to America, giving hope to people who needed it.

In 43, I joined the army, becoming Commander Jones. It was also after that that Steve decided to go in a suicide mission to save the rest of the 107th. For some reason, I was all for it. We went in, just the two of us. We came out with 163 more men, including Sargent James Buchanan Barnes, Steve Rogers' best friend.

A little time later we went into another mission with the boys from the 107th. Steve promised to come back to dance with Peggy. Following his lead, Bucky asked me for a dance once we came out of this. We ended up in a train, fighting some weird robots? Yeah, I didn't ask. Unfortunately, Bucky didn't come out. He died, falling off a train. Steve was devastated, and deep down, so was I. I was looking forward for that dance, for getting know Bucky. Still, he had to continue, finish his mission that was ending Hydra. He found the plane the red Skull was in, and finished him. The thing is, he finished how own life with it. At least, we thought he had. Apparently, he got stuck on ice. His metabolism was elevated enough to keep him asleep as he spent 70 years frozen.

Either way, Peggy was devastated. There was definitely something between the two of them, and she was pretty sad for a few weeks.

But of course, that's not why I'm telling you the story of my job in the 40'.

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