Chapter II >>> Dreams Of Fate And Crossings Of Defiance

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"Whoa there tiger. Language," Peter teased.

"Um English, but I might take up French just to show Gaston that I can."

Peter just shook his head, holding back a smile.

"What's his problem anyway," I continued, "He's a villain and he acts like he's the next Christ, I swear...." I mumbled.

"Maybe because he's a big good-for-nothing-power-hungry-coward who beggs for forgivness like a fool?" Peter suggested.

"A what now?"

Peter scratched the back of his neck awkwardly, "So, course we both know that by book, Gaston's a villain right? Well, I heard Belle arguing with Gaston after he left the alley. It was like Belle knew I was there. She practically discussed his whole past." Peter answered.

"He was originally a villain and what he did to Bea- er, Adam, he was told never to return to the Glade and was banished to the Outskirts. So he begged and begged until the Council Of Elders allowed him to live in the Glade, but with certain restrictions." Peter went on, "He was forced to obey Villien's every command, not that he complained, but he didn't get a high rank as Dismator. And he's pissed because of that. So, Gaston was told that if he could prove he was really one of the 'Good Guy's' , he would be given a higher rank and be a hero, but not by book." Peter finished.

"Of course not by book," I muttered, "The Forbidden Faery Tale Book is seen like a bible for these people. They follow it's every word. Even my mother." I spoke bitterly.

The Forbidded Faery Tale book is the book that containes all of our Faery tales. Long ago, Walt would write enchanting stories in it that he would share with the world. It was how he kept the balance between good and evil. But one Feary tale written in the book came true, which sparked Villien's distrust in the villains. He's been plotting against them ever since.

The Forbidden Feary Tale book is also the book that contains all of our laws. The most important law being 'The Rules Of The Wicked' or 'The Wicked Law' especially made for the villains. It's the law that prevents us from crossing the border to the Glade.

Crossing. . . the . . . border. . .

"Peter," I spoke quietly, "Want to do something stupid?"


"Prim, are you insane?! Wait, don't answer that. You probably are since were doing this!"

I just ignored Peter and made my way past the Disniëns milling about. Trudging furiously amongst the crowd of people at the market, anxious to make it to my destination.

"Prim, listen to me! You'll get yourself killed, you know that?" Peter was still trying to stop me from what I was about to do, but I could care less. The first step to getting rid of Villien's rules needed to be made, starting with me.

I stopped when we reached a dead end in front of a large stone wall covered with moss. it was probably more than fifty feet tall, made from glorious white marble that seemed to shine in the light of the moon. Beyond it lay the Crystal Palace. You would have to cross through the palace walls to make it into the Glade, where all of the 'Good Guys' live.

I scanned the 'border' for cracks in the wall, and found one near a collosal of low hanging trees. Perfect. I sprinted towards the nearest opening, standing between a few trees and bushes, out of sight, and peared through.

The sight was glorious; they had given the palace the perfect name, as the castle I saw before me was completely made of glass, sparkling like a giant crystal in a rainbow. The walls were adorned with inticate symbols and signs, almost like stars, carved into the glass. The castle towers stood out like giant sky scrapers, glaring menacingly at figures below them, but beautiful all the same. Flowers and vines twirled and grew perfectly on the castle walls, sprouting beautiful red and white roses. The grand doors looked like they animated light all by themselves, almost blinding me with its warm glow. If this castle would have been viewed from afar, it would have certantly looked like a star in the heavens.

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