I am Sephyr [PART I]

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I am Sephyr

the girl with an eye patch 


written by: sweetelude 

I am Sephyr and I have a twin sister, Meyh- she’s pretty, smart and all; and me, I might be the opposite of her. We’re twin but not identical, we share same likes but most of our characters were different.

When I was growing, I enjoyed playing with my sister at home, since we are not allowed to go outside especially me; well except on our back yard. And we don’t have neighbors too. The people we call neighbors lived a hundred miles away.

Since I could only play with my sister, she became my world until we both went to school. I couldn't remember how and why my sister was gone by my side. Mom said that she went to other school and I coudn't  also remember if I became sad that time, all I know was, she went to school ahead of me, because I wasn’t able to enter kindergarten.

When I went to school, I was a year older than my classmates, but I didn’t notice then. I just became excited to the new world I see.  I found new friends and new playmates but I couldn’t remember all the details, maybe the time washed it all away.

But I could remember one thing, when I was at the age of seven. My brother who was 5 that time came running to my class. He was crying because his classmates said badly about me, I couldn’t remember the feelings all I know that I wiped his tears and said "it was okay".

I thought it was really okay, but that incident opened my mind of this eye patch thing.

Yes, I am that girl with an eye patch! Weird isn’t it? I never noticed this was weird until someone told me, because my parents, brothers and sisters weren’t bothered with it. They never seemed worried or talked about this when I was young or maybe they were just hiding a secret. But I could remember that me and my parents always went to a place where this is a white room, a bed, a chair and a bright light. We’ll I do know now that it was a hospital or a clinic.

That was also the day when I became aware of my naughty classmates, bullies and the awful things they've done to me. They always bullied me, talked to my back and said many painful words. I remembered the first time I cried at school, it was our cooking class, when this gay chant may name with many awful words... 'Sephyr the impaired eyed girl... she has an eye patch on her eyes... those are the words that echoed on my mind, and that made me burst into tears. Maybe I just had enough, and I couldn’t just handle the pain. That’s why I cried…

All my life I became helpless, I tend to separate myself to the world. I’m always afraid of what the world may do to me. I don’t want to meet new people; I don’t want to be asked what happened to my right eye. I am tired of answering them. I felt downgraded, useless and ugly.

If you are wondering, why my parents didn’t do anything for my cure, the truth is they've done everything! They visited many hospitals and doctors, but everyone said that they couldn’t help about it. They were referred to some specialist until they lose their hope. We weren’t that wealthy to go with the best specialist and we cannot afford if there’ll would be some operation, so maybe I need to wear this eye patch for a life time.

Yet I hope for miracles.

But that was a dying hope like a forgotten dream. Worst come to worst until I reached my teenage years. I was transferred into a new school, and I was so afraid, I can’t even introduce myself. I am afraid what people would say after they see my situation.

I became so loner more than before; I buried myself with books, I’m afraid to talk to them, I’m afraid to be judged. I felt marked; more terrible words were thrown to me, more pain and wounds were added to my heart until it became callous and I became stubborn. Yet, I do meet some friends who accepted me of who I am, but I can’t deny the fact that more people talked behind me, stabbing my back and gossip.

I was lost, I was really lost and I’m searching something I don’t know.

Then one day, one of my classmates, a girl approached me and shared a relationship that would give me, not just happiness but Joy. Maybe this was the thing I’m looking for so I accepted her invitation.

She introduced Jesus Christ to me, and I openly accepted Jesus as my Lord and personal savior.

Though there’s something I don’t really understand because I was so young then, and more questions came up, I still continue to search for it. And this time I’m not asking it to the air but to God.

I started to know God more, and He made my dream alive. The MIRACLE-



This is two-part story and its coming sooner ot later! Thanks for reading!

I'm sorry for the grammar>


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