The Morning After

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A/N: Part 30 :) I don't know why but that's exciting!

Chace's POV

I took a deep breath in and let it out. I kept my eyes closed. It was too peaceful to wake up. Then I felt a girl's naked chest roll part way onto mine to cuddle and the panic started to set in. I felt my heart race a little faster with all the possible situations this could've been.

1. I slept with some other girl and not Skye.

I suppressed a groan at the thought. I would've really messed things up with Skye and not to mention I didn't really want to sleep with any other girl but Skye.


2. I slept with Skye.

Holy shit, I thought and it all came crashing back to me, I slept with Skye. God, it was good. Like really, really good. Like I want to do it again good. I almost had to moan thinking about it.

I was so dead.

*The Day Before*

"I'm sorry," I groaned letting my head fall back onto the couch

"Whatever," Adam shrugged still icing himself, "It's not like you did anything with her... right?"

I nodded. Technically I hadn't done anything with her. At least not the anything he was referring to. "Nope."

He's body relaxed and he let out an aduible breath of air, "Okay."

"Okay?" I asked hanging on to the slightest hope that he'd sign off on me and Skye as a couple.

"Okay, you can see her. Just... Promise me something?" He turned to look at me almost sadly.

I turned to him trying to hide my excitement, "Anything."

"I know Jake already has, but could you just not..." He trailed off, forcing me for the first time to think how hard the idea must actually be on him. That was his little sister and I was his best friend. He's whore of a best friend who'd always used girls like play things and had been sneaking behind his back to be with his little sister. Who was really the only close family he had because his parents were always away. Explains why he's so overprotective, huh?

"Sleep with her," I whispered to finish his sentence.

"Yeah," he whispered back holding the 'h' a little longer than necessary.

"I won't," I promised, besides I didn't have much of a choice.

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