Yes, I'm different, but he loves me [Chapter Two]

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<P>--Ariane's P.O.V--</P>

<P>I sat in my office watching the clock tick as the mintues kept flying by. I don't even know why I am so nervous for Justin and Stephen to come, I put up with them at my house all the time. Then again, Rory is always around too. A shrill scream made all my inner thoughts go away, and make me jump nearly off my chair. I ran into the main room of the parlor to see Tylee attached to Stephen's leg. I groaned in my thoughts, it can't already be 7. Jayson was chuckling while trying to pry Tylee off of Stephen who might I add, refused to let go. Tylee loved Stephen, since the first day she met him, I mean who can blame her, he is pretty hot ... WAIT ! NO, there is no way I'm going to think about him like that. " Earth to vampire !" Justin's annoying voice snapped me out of my thougts. I growled and sighed. " Okay Justin, let's set a few rules down. One, I am tattooing you and that's it, don't try to get me to hook up with you. IT WON'T HAPPEN. Two, you better not be a baby and start crying, really, a tattoo ISN'T that bad. And thirdly, I hate you. GREAT, now that that is over, books are over there, go ahead and pick what you want." I looked at Justin who had shock written all over his face, and heard a snickering Stephen. I went into my office and started to put the gun together and get all the supplies I needed. I over heard a conversation going on between Justin and Stephen. " Dude, I am totally freaking out here, I swear I am shitting my pants." Justin blurted out. " Really bro, don't be a pussy. It won't hurt !" Stephen replied in between laughs. I rolled my eyes and groaned. This is definately going to be a long night. I have to put up with a baby that CLAIMS to be a jock. I turned around to plug my ipod into the small stero, at least with music I won't have to put up with Justin's bitching. I heard a knock and brought my attention to the door. Stephen was standing behind an obviously scared Justin who was sweating bullets. He tossed a piece of paper at me that had a small football with his number in it. I looked up at him, and bust out laughing. "No way am I wasting my time on something like that ! If I am going to tattoo you, it's going to be a real tattoo !" I went over to the books and pulled out a tribal tattoo that would go across his shoulders. I drew up the appropiate sizes, and colors and got ready. " Wow Ariane ! That really nice. You are talented, but you might have troubles getting Justin to agree to it." I looked up at an astonished Stepheh, and smirked and shrugged my shoulders, " Who said he is going to see it. You pin him down, and I'll start tattooing. Don't worry, he'll love me after I am done with him. " I giggled, and snapped the gloves onto my hands. " Alright Justin, we're ready !" </P>

<P>-- Stephen's P.O.V--</P>

<P>Justin slowly walked in and sat down on the chair. A winked, and I knew that was my cue. I sat on Justin, putting all my weight onto him. " Dude, what the fuck !" He yelled struggling to get free. I suddenly felt Justin relax, I turned around and saw a smirk on Ariane's face as she whispered something into his ear, making him gulp. Justin looked like he was about to die. He was complaining a lot as A rolled her eyes. I kept catching myself staring at her, something I liked to most was when she bit onto her lucious lower lip while she was concentrating. I eventually got off of Justin, knowing he wasn't going any where seeing as she had already started the tattoo. After what seemed like 6 hours, when in reality it was only an hour an a half, she finished. There were a couple times that I seen Justin wipe his eyes. There was no way he was crying, I'm never going to let him live this one down. Justin getting up and looking in the mirror made me snap back to reality. At first he looked shocked, and I was just waiting for him to freak on Ariane, but in no time at all, I saw .... happiness in his eyes ! I can't believe he isn't pissed she didn't give him the tattoo he wanted. I defiantely know now, that he is trying to get her. I have to step up my game.</P>

<P>--Justin's P.O.V--</P>

<P>I walked into the room, and sat down. As soon as my ass hit the seat, Stephen was sitting on my lap, keeping me pinned down. Oh god, what is she going to do to me. I started to struggle but knew there was no used. Maybe Ariane will feel sympathy for me and tell him to get off of me. " Dude, what the fuck !" I yelled, while still struggling. I felt a warm air brush my ear and I immediately stopped struggling. " This is pay back for all those nicknames you made for me. Have fun." A whispered in my ear, almost making me instantly erect. I gulped, knowing what I was in for a horrible couple of hours. What felt like mintues, which was actually an hour an a half later, A finshed the tattoo. When I looked at it, I was shocked. I probably looked almost pissed, but as I kept staring at it, I ended up loving it. The muscles on my shoulders stuck out as I moved to see the tattoo, the muscles made the tattoo stand out even more. Damn, this girl is good. I turned around and faced Ariane, who was looking at me impatiently waiting for my feed back. I smirked and grabbed her, giving her a rough kiss right on her lucious lips.</P>

<P>--Ariane's P.O.V--</P>

<P>Justin turned around and looked extremely happy, but suddenly, the happiness left his face, and a smirked replaced it. I knew exactly what was going to happen, I tried to get away, but he was too fast. He grabbed me, and gave me a huge sloppy kiss on my lips. I wanted to throw up, I would rather kiss a dog then him. But in a matter of seconds, he was pulled away, and when I came back to reality, I saw Stephen had him in a choke hold. I looked into Stephen's eyes and saw a variaty of emotions. Anger, hurt, and .... jealousy? What the hell . The babbling in my head stopped when I saw Justin's face going blue. " Whoa, okay Stephen, he gets the point, let go of him !" I yelled, Stephen looked at me like a mad man, and suddenly came back to his reality, saw what he was doing. His grip let go and Justin fell to the floor holding his throat. " Okay, you out !" I said, pointing to Stephen. He groaned and rushed out of my office. I went to the mini fridge, and got Justin water. After the color returned to his face, I banadaged up his tattoo and set the rules down of what to do with a new tattoo. I handed him over a container of Tattoo Goo, and sent him out into the Lobby to pay. I called Stephen in, and got the stuff ready to pierce. He walked in with a red face. Was he embarrassed? " So, want to explain what that was all about?" I questioned as he sat infront of me. He looked down and studdered something that I didn't quite catch. " Okay, you are going to repeat that once I finish your piercing." I said, clicking my tongue ring out of habit. He smirked and stuck his tongue out at me, showing me a blue tongue ring. My jaw dropped, probably exposing my piercing. " Whoa, you're supposed to be a prep, not one of me !" I said, shock apparent on my face. All he did was chuckle and pull his shit off. What the hell. </P>

<P>--Stephen's P.O.V--</P>

<P>I pulled my shirt off and saw an all too stunned Ariane totally checking me out. I smirked and watch her eyes slowly move from my eyes, down to my lips, and going on to my chest and abs. I cleared my throat and her gaze immediately shot to my eyes again. I could see lust in her dark blue eyes. She shook her head and replied with a small studder "S-soo you took your sh-shirt off why?" She gulped as her eyes slowly fell down to my abs. " New piercing A, right here." I pointed towards my left nipple, and she licked her lips. Oh god this is too fun. " O-ok. " She grabbed the gloves and slid them over her hands, cleaned my nipple and simple shoved the needle through it. After putting on the ball to my new body jewlery, she threw my shirt at me and started cleaning up. I could hear her clicking her tongue ring, and it made me erect thinking of what she could do with that tongue ring. Oh god, I think I love my Bestfriend's little sister !</P>

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