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Okay, I wanted to give back to my readers. Something light, fluffy and filled with some citrusy good times (and some drama). I posted something in my Facebook group: Tufano79's Twilight Fanfiction Appreciation and I got some great ideas. Clo came up with an idea that really captured my attention and I think I can finish it in five chapters. So, thank you to everyone who helped me brainstorm or offered me ideas. If I get a chance, I'll work on writing those, too, but they would lend themselves to a longer story. I wanted something short and sweet.

We have one more chapter ... the epilogue ... with the promise of at least ONE more lemon.

Chapter Six: Epilogue


"This place has been closed, but on the market, since the owner took ill about six years ago. His family couldn't keep up with it since they didn't know anything about a garage or the business," said the real estate agent, Lauren. I was walking around the large, run-down, garage in Port Angeles. "If they don't have a buyer in the next month or so, the bank is going to repossess."

"I know that feeling," I snorted, checking the equipment and making mental note of what would need to be replaced and what could be salvaged. "Thankfully, I had a windfall and was able to climb out of that rut. I own a garage in Lake Geneva. My best friend is now running that garage while I'm expanding here."

"Lake Geneva is a great deal away from Port Angeles," quipped Lauren, who was a young woman with flowing blonde hair and she flirted with me relentlessly. "You're going to be lonely, Mr. Cullen."

"No, I won't," I said, plastering on a fake smile. "I'm moving here with my girlfriend."

"You said girlfriend," she purred, laying a hand on my forearm. "Not wife."

"And the girlfriend will shove a stiletto into your eye if you don't remove your grubby fingers off his arm," Bella growled, sashaying into the garage and her brown eyes flashing. Lauren snatched her hand back, her eyes wide. Bella came over, threading her fingers with mine and glowering at the sales agent. "Seriously? You're married. I see that ring on your finger. Or is that how close every deal?"

Lauren was fuming, but she blinked slowly and a forced smile spread over her face. "My apologies, Mr. Cullen. It was never my intention to ..." she trailed off uncomfortably.

"I'm certain it wasn't, but it would be wise for you to let me check out this place and discuss this with my girlfriend," I said, tugging Bella toward the office and closing the door. I sighed when I saw the disarray of the office. "Damn, this place looks like a bomb went off in it."

"That harpy," Bella growled. "She was trying to dig her talons into you, Edward. I mean, really. Her tits are lopsided and her hair is so fried ..."

"Bella, I'm yours," I said, tugging her into my arms and kissing her sweetly. "That girl doesn't even hold a candle to you." Bella harrumphed, her fingers toying with my hair. "Look at me, beautiful." She blinked up to me, her eyes still swirling with ire. "I love you. I'm with you and only with you. Are you with me?"

"It's only ever been you," she whispered, kissing me, her lips pliant against mine and her tongue dancing in my mouth. When she relaxed and melted against me, I pulled back, holding her in my arms. "Damn you and your voodoo."

"You calmed down, didn't you?" I snickered. She smacked my chest and looked her around, her nose wrinkled. "And you're right about this place looking like a bomb went off." She poked her nose into the filing cabinet and gasped. "Ugh, this is awful."

"It is pretty bad, but it was a family-owned business. Something about this place makes it ..." I smirked. I looked at the paperwork, wrinkling my nose. "It's overpriced, though."

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