That was fun

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"Are you sure your fine?"Ray rambles as We walk to the ice cream parlor. "Yes" I reply.
"Okay good. But why didn't you kill him?" She asks as we stand in front of the store.
"Because, I want him to feel the same pain as I once did" I reply coldly before walking inside.

"What can I get you?" The cashier asks as he looks up and faces me.
"Hey can I get the hydrogen ice cream balls and 2 scoops of blue velvet" I demand.

"Sure" he says winking at me.
A few minutes later he comes back with out ice cream and a receipt. I'm confused, how can you return ice cream?
I sheepishly take the small paper and soon realize he had put his number on the back.

I look behind me and see him stretching his pinkie and thumb by his ear and mouth the words 'call me'
I sigh in disgust before crumpling up the paper and throwing it out.

"Why are you so mean?" Ray asks as we walk out the store. "It's just my character" I shrug.
"Well, well, well. Look who it is" A high pitched voice announces.
"What do you want?" I spit keeping a straight face.
"Cole is mine. So don't think you have any ownership over him."
"Let's just say, we've done things" she says bitting her lip.
That probably why he smelled like after sex and stale pussy.

"Okay" I replied simply.
"That's it?" She scuffs.
"You think I care about him?" I suck my teeth before walking around her to my bike with Ray tailing next to me.

"I'm surprised you didn't say anything else" she comments.
"Like what? That boy is not my concern" I reply jumping on my bike.
"Right" she agrees before walking to her car.


"Don't be mad" I yell out to Ray who flips me off before leaving the play room in the R.I house.
I just beat her in 2k and she's feeling salty.

"Boss, it's 9" Caden says poking his head through the door.
"Alright. Have Ferra take care of my 10 o'clock. And don't forget to leave the suitcase in front of the orphanage door, makes sure they open the door and take the money before leaving. " I reply to him as I put on my mask and leather jacket.

He nods his head at me before I walk out the room.
"Oh and tell Ray not to be too salty" I add before walking out.


I make my way to Coles destination. Turns out, he's at some club.
"Woah. Hold up there pretty lady" the bouncer says looking at me up and down.
"I.D please"
I roll my eyes and walk towards him before grabbing him by the throat staring into his eyes.
"Shh shh shh" I whisper before he blacks out. I drop his body down making him fall off the stool.

"Your back" Cole says as I open the door and walk into the v.i.p section. He had some stripper on his lap which unknowingly upset me just a little bit.
I don't reply and take out my gun pointing it to him.
The stripper runs away from the scene squealing.
"I have to admit. You've got a nice body on you" he compliments eyeing me up and down.

He looks me from my black turtle neck, to my black ripped jeans. I know what he's doing.
"Your not going to be able to look at me long enough to find out who I am" I state before looking around the ceiling.

I quickly shoot all 5 security cameras that were laying on the corners of the walls.
"Smart girl" he says.
I tilt my head and cock my eyebrow agreeing with him before pressing on the trigger.
Cole rolls behind the chair before the bullet hits him.
He comes out with daggers in his hand.

He throws the daggers at me and I could feel them graze my right ear and arm before digging in the wall. He keeps throwing daggers at me and I swiftly move around avoiding them.

I start shooting my gun at him not wanting to kill him, but wanting to injure him.
"You've got poor aim" he insults before running towards me, tackling me to the ground.

He drapes over of me attempting to remove my mask. I squirm around trying to loosen his grip, but he pins me down tightening his grip.
"I don't want to kill you, I want to hurt you" I seethe with my voice deepening.

He turns his eyes from the mask to my eyes and stares into them. While he was distracted, I knee him in the gut forcing him back. I jump up from the floor and re-tighten the mask.

"Who are you" He asks as he also gets up.
I lunge towards him landing a punch in his jaw.
He reacts by punching me back in my gut. I barely feel the pain being accustom to the feeling.

He notices he didn't really have a effect on me, I look up at him shooting him a smirk before pushing him into the wall.
I run towards him and kick him in the temple of his head because I was losing patience.

His body drops to the ground and I sigh blowing a piece of hair out of my face.
Fixing my mask once again, I walk towards the door in the back of the room looking for an exit.

I pass through hall ways and corridors. I run into a big door with 'Exit' labeled in red lights. I open the door and walk out into a small back alley.

"That was fun"

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