The package

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It was days after Dan mother had left their house what Phil had recived a small package addressed to him with no return address. Anxiety filling him as he pounders what it could be. The house has only then gone back to normal h was slightly afraid of things sparking up again.
Sighing heavily he began opening the small grey bag but stopped when he head the soft tapping of what could only be his little running to him "Wall baby," he remind softly not wanting the boy to injure himself. The tapping slowed and a smile founds its way to Phil's face. And it grew as Danny turned the corner and wrapped his arms around the younger boy. "Hello my love." Phil mumbled lifting the boy who then instantly wrapped his leg around the Phils torso.
" Hi daddy!" Dan exclaimed happily pushing us face in to fans neck.

"Did you enjoy your nap babydoll?" Ohil asked rubbing the little back gently. The boy had been napping more frenquently and Phil found it so cute. It's like the boy really was a small child.
Dan nodded and muttter that he was hungry, over the past dfew months to Ohio had learned how to decipher the boys mutter end baby y'all talk. Though some the words came out in such frantic bouts that's Phil's could only laugh. I'm then making the boy even more frustrated though it was quite cute and amusing to the caregiver.
With the boy wrapped around him phill maneuvered his way around then kitchen fixing the boy a snack of a sandwich which some cheesesits. The little was then set at the on Phil's lap so he could eat. Or attempt to,the boy made a bigger mess until Phil decided that he should feed the boy.
The held a conversation in between taking bites of the food," you know there's going to be a candy festival here soon baby." Phil brought up the event know the boy would hate to have missed it and the boy had a major sweet tooth.
"Oo can we go daddy?" Dan said bouncing slightly in his daddy's lap.
When Phil nodded a he got to do a happy dance b fire sitting to finish his sandwich.
"I'm gonna eat all of the candy." Danny muttered while munching on his sandwich.
Phil shook his head smile at the boy"I heard that baby boy,and you will not be eating all of the candy."
"We'll see" Danny mutter going back to his food,earning a playful head shake from his boyfriend.

Guy GUYS I'm back. Kind of. Updates will be slow as I'll be working full time this summer. This is how st a short filler chapter that will start that last bit of this book. Oh boy the feels.
But I want to start working on some new stories because I have SO many writing prompts. I really want to do some Garret watts have Shan too) ddlb because I'm trash for him and he would be such a cute a little. Who would his daddy be tho??ANDREW🙈 tell me what other ships you think I should write(preferably gay ay) and also feel free to message me but I guess I need to put a disclaimer up that I have a little that I'm dating so pls dont come at me looking for a caregiver.

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