At first I wanted to delete this enitre page, however, I decided to delete just the content, leaving all comments behind. Because if I delete the whole page, the comments will also be deleted, so I decided to keep it. I want to remember your support and trust.

For some reason, I have to delete the content. First, let bygones be bygones, so I have to start fresh. What's important is the lesson I learned from it.

Second, I think everything is clear and everybody had enough of it.

Third, I'm gonna censor the brand of the medicine to avoid future issues. And I edited some of the words I used which I think some of the readers found it intriguing or questionable. I used common term. I don't wanna create this kind of chapter again for heaven's sake!

Lastly, I wanna take this chance to thank all fo you, for the endless support you have for  me as a writer and for the story itself.

You're always be my inspiration. Thank you so much!

*-* fujeeko

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