Empty Apologies (part 2)

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Tom's Pov


"Yeah, Tom?"

"Where did all my harpoons go?"



Matt snuck into Tom's room at midnight. Everyone's fast asleep. Tom  of course snuggled Tomee bear. He only does so when he's depressed, so he seemed distant these past few days.

The ginger was careful to open the closet door, reveiling harpoons, one by one falling out. Matt was quick to catch them all. Tom in his bed reacted, still with his eyes closed.

He sprung from his bed.

"I'm not your friend!" He didn't noticed Matt thankfully.
"... I'm....much...more..."

Matt made it out of the alcoholic's room alive without a spank from Susan.

Outside he ran to meet up with a small old lady with big red glasses.

"You got the stuff?" Matt asked.

"Here." She presents the limited addition dolphin novelty toy."

Matt's eyes lights up, giggling at the sight. He swiftly hands over the harpoons. Squealing while running away.

"Pleasure doing business with you, deary." The old lady waves as she bites the end off of one of the harpoons.

*End Flashback*

"Oh, great." Tom responded with a bit of sarcasm. Matt had a sad puppy look on his face.
"Don't worry, Matt. I forgive you."


"I'm just...going, for a walk now."

As I leave the house, Matt goes back to his daily routine of checking himself in the mirror.

It looked gloomy out. The skies held dark and light grey clouds. Somewhat of a gradient color coming towards the west.

Meh. It fits the mood.

Now I have an excuse to go back to the old house. Or what's left of it.

I needed to check for any harpoons I might've left here, but the main reason is something that has been eating me all week.

The feeling I can't describe well enough for anyone to understand completely. It almost felt like guilt, of an event I didn't witness. And it's pulling me towards here. At the house.

This 'question' can't be left unanswered.

Finally, I made it. It's surprising the township didn't clean up the mess yet. This really can be a hazard for children. I guess they're busy with other, 'more important' deeds around the town.

Eduardo's house is gone too, by the way. I can still see Jon's blood by the fence where he passed.

That could've been me.

It's crazy to think about.
That this moment, right now, I could've been a ghost looking over my death scene.

Which didn't change as much since I'm doing so alive.

Enough rambling, I need to.....look for those harpoons. ..yeah....

After moving a few big pieces of rubble, this stench began to fill my senses.

"What the..." My curiousity got the best of me. So I followed the smell, removing more remains from my path. It's coming from below. Soon, hitting a bunker door.

Opening it just let escaped a wave of a strong, rotten smell. I wanted to leave but now I'm even more curious of what that could be.

Exploring the scene, it appeared familiar. Potions, boards with buttons, papers. It looked more like what an abandoned laboratory would be like in the apocalypse.

My eyes danced around the room, then finally landed on a single target. Without giving thought, I rushed over to the desk. Before I could, I saw a gun next to their limp hand, followed by a puddle of dried up blood.

"Fucking shit...."
I walked closer, slowly.
I'm so damn in shock, my tampered heart doesn't know how to take this.

My position's left standing. Afraid to move. To leave, to take another step forward.
Towards the man I shot down.

I hated the him. He was my demon.

And yet, he used to get along so well with the people I called friends.

Now here's in front of me dead.

I knew it was us that broke him.
Finished him.

Though we didn't directly did this, I know we're the reason.

After his great fall, the only real friends he ever had chose to leave him there. On the ground.

While we walked with smiles.

Tears began to well up in my eyes.

We were friends once, I can't ignore that.
Once, we were so close, now to be pushed so far away to the point of death.

He meant something to me. Even if I keep denying it.
Did he felt the same with me?

Of course, I can't ask now...

He's dead. Dead people can't speak.

They don't answer your cry, your questions.
They don't answer your goodbyes.

Of course I'm sobbing at this point.

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