Chapter 8: Spongebob

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                     Malia's POV
I looked back at Liam and ran away as fast as I could back to my car. I zoomed off.
               When I got home ,I took a shower and changed into comfortable clothes. By comfortable I mean my spongebob sweat shirt and a bum short.  I went to the sitting room and switched on the TV to watch an episode of Teenwolf. I heard the doorbell ring, it is probably my mum.I slipped into my fluffy slippers and went to the door. I opened my wooden door slightly.

    Standing in front of me was none other than the Green-eyed monster.

My eyes must have widened, showing my surprise because that stupid smirk was creeping on his face. Does he do any other thing apart from smirking?

"What are you looking for here? How did you know my house?" I asked ,still standing by the door.
"I will only answer the first question when you let me in but  the answer for the second question is 'I have my ways' ". He said.
I let him in and switched off the TV immediately before sitting down.
   "Malia, I don't know what I said that made you cry but i want you to know I'm so sorry...... " He trailed off, as he took his seat beside me on the couch.
  " It wasn't your fault and I'm sorry for leaving you there" I replied .
     I found it sweet that he didn't ask me why I was crying.

He pulled me up and took me outside to where his motorcycle is. He handed me his helmet and mounted the bike. He motioned for me to join him and I climbed too.  

"Where are you taking me?"

"Its a surprise, now shut your pretty little mouth up and hold on tight".
"Hold on to what?" I asked skeptically.
  He wrapped my hands around his waist. He adjusted the helmet , his fingers slightly touching my face, causing my cheeks to feel tingles.
"Aren't you wearing your helmet?" I asked
" I only have one and that is what you are wearing" He replied.

He started the vehicle slowly which calmed my nerves , until it jerks back to life pushing me into Liam's hard back. I tightened my hands around his waist and closed my eyes.

My hair flew behind me and adrenaline kicked in . I gathered courage to open my eyes and the only thing I could see was Liam's back. It was becoming uncomfortable so I distracted myself by looking at the road.
The scenery changed and I began to see more trees and less cars as we continue moving towards a forest. I let go of Liam as he stopped in front of a forest.
"Where are you taking me to? Are you planning to kill me?" I asked ,practically screaming at him before getting off the bike.

"Shut up princess, if I wanted to kill you, I would have killed you In your house" He said grinning .
"C'mon" He said and I had no choice but to follow him. Since I don't know the way back to my house. We walked for about a mile and my leg is seriously paining me because I wore only slippers.
The road became narrower and grittier and before I knew it I tripped on a pebble and fell. Liam ran towards me and slid his muscular arm around me to pull me up.
"Are you okay?" He asked genuinely concerned

"Em yeah" I answered, a bit shaky. He ignored me and faced backwards bending on one knee.

"Hop on my back"He said.
"I said I'm fine" I replied.
He ignored me and waited silently . I hopped on his back and he stood up. Carrying me silently.

"Princess? " He asked


"You look cute in that spongebob sweat shirt".

Merry Christmas

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