Christmas and Updates

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Hey everyone! I know it takes me years to get things updated but I just wanted to say when new updates might be up. Also first off I hope everyone's holidays are going well and I hope your Christmas will be good.  Secondly I would like to say that my story with  HalfmetalAlchemist is up and we would appreciate it so much if you guys read it. Working with her has been so fun and I'm excited to continue the story. It is a fma fanfiction that involves her character Éclair and mine who is Kiomi. Let us know your thoughts on the book please ! Thank you :). 

Updates: Fireflies-probably tonight or sometime by the end of the week (I'm so bad and keep posting)  

Those cold eyes of Stone- Around the end of the week or by the third or fourth of January

Flower Crowns- Me and my co-author are a bit slumped but we are working on chapters I promise!

Jeff the Killer sequel- So I'm deciding if I should take it down and get rid of it for the time being , because with Those cold eyes of Stone is going to be getting brand new chapters after I edit the rest of the old ones and I might not need a sequel I'll have to get back to you on that one.

If you have any suggestions on what I should do just comment below ! Thank you and happy holidays.  


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