Chapter 3

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Avni felt a cool sponge being pressed to her cheek. Slowly, she opened her eyes. Gradually, her vision cleared and she saw Stella's relieved face.

"There you go girl" she said with a relieved smile and helped Avni in sitting up. She still felt groggy. Stella gave her a glass of water.

"Drink it" she ordered. "Your face has lost all its color"

Obediently, Avni  sipped and it helped. Her head felt stable now. She looked around. They were in the first-aid-room. Immediately, she tensed.

"What had happened to me?" Avni asked even as her mind had started recalling. Being late, skidding into the lift, getting stuck in it...

"You fainted. After effects of your claustrophobia" Stella replied.

"How did I come here?" Avni asked in a tensed voice though she knew she wasn't going to like the answer.

"The gorgeous owner Mr. Neil khanna brought you" Stella replied with a smirk. "The man's quick! Caught you before you touched the floor. Carried you in his arms and deposited here with extreme care. Handled Russell too" she finished with a grin. Stella loathed Russell.

"Oh god no!" Avni hid her face in her hands.

This couldn't be happening to her! Not on top of all the other disasters that had befallen her recently.

He was Neil khanna! NEIL KHANNA...Boss of her boss of her boss of her boss of her boss!

What had she said to him while they were in the lift? Besides calling him an opportunist and an idiot and a pervert, of course...

"What happened?" Stella asked in a surprised voice.

"My bad luck just turned worst" Avni still hadn't removed her hands. God, what would have other people thought when they would have seen the owner carrying an employee to the first-aid room, that too a temporary employee? And what had she threatened him with? That she would report him to his superior! Oh great! So she would report about Neil Khanna to Neil khanna ! Perfect!

"Avni, what happened?" Stella asked again.

Avni quickly narrated the events of the entire morning. She was shocked when instead of sympathizing with her or telling her that she screwed up big this time Stella burst out laughing. So much for friendship!

"This isn't funny!" she said exasperatedly.

But maybe it could provide her with an opportunity to take the job of a clown in the circus. Many people seemed to laugh at her lately!

"I would give anything to switch places with you!" Stella giggled after she had stopped laughing. "Come on Avni, you got kissed by one of the most handsome men on this planet and instead of trying to find an opportunity to share another lip lock with him you are cursing your fate?"

Avni groaned. It was fruitless to say anything to Stella. Being a sex siren, she attracted cute guys like magnet and after a hundred break ups claiming he was not 'the one', she was still a hopeless romantic at heart.

"I've always had a thing for Indian men" Stella continued dreamily. "And after seeing yours, I know I wasn't wrong". 

It was just impossible!

"He's not mine!" Avni said impatiently. Soon she would see that smirk on Russell's face when she would collect her things after Neil Khanna fired her. At this rate of losing jobs, she wouldn't be able to survive in New York for long.

"You know, he didn't leave your side until the doctor assured him that you are fine" Stella said with her oh-that's-so-sweet-smile.

Embarrassment reddened Avni's cheeks again. Could this day get any worse? Definitely not!

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