Chapter 5

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Later that night, I came home to an empty apartment. Hugh texted me that he would be out late because he had to start making the dress that was requested from him which was due in a few weeks. I walked to the kitchen and tried to find something to eat. I hadn't eaten much today. With no knowledge on how to cook, I just checked the fridge and found the leftover pasta we had from last night. I heated my food in the microwave and sauntered off to the living room. Making myself comfortable on the couch with my hot pasta bowl in hand, I turned the television on. Wilson's death was still over the news and it reminded me again that he was now gone. I sighed as I tried to hold my tears from flowing again. Ever since I got that dreaded call from his nurse, I had cried myself to bed every night. Seeing as Hugh wasn't here to comfort and change my mood, I was left to my own grieving. After I had eaten, I took a nice warm bath and retired to bed early.

Never had I ever imagined that for the rest of the week I would have to handle a lot of phone calls! It was driving me crazy! The calls mostly consisted of concerns on decision making and asking me what I had to do. Of course, I didn't have the right to any of these dilemmas until after Pierce Alexander would arrive from England on Monday. I also had to schedule meetings for the next few weeks with Pierce. I tried to smooth out everything by myself and by Friday night I finally let out a breath I didn't know I was holding all week.

My weekend flew by so fast. I didn't even get the chance to relax my nerves. I had to work from home as I kept dreading for Monday. I woke up a bit groggy from the lack of sleep I had. Today, I would be meeting Pierce Alexander for the first time. George Brent would be meeting with him then I was assigned to give him a tour around the main office and basically show him how everything worked around Alexander Corporation.

Hugh was still busy so I had to take the bus to work. I now stood in front of the main doors of Alexander Corporation. Part of me was really anxious but I had to get this over with. I made my way up to the fortieth floor humming to the sound of the elevator music. As I entered the lounge, Mr. Brent was already sitting comfortably on the couch.

"Good morning Mr. Brent." I greeted him warmly.

"Good morning. Pierce will be with us in a few." He told me with a smile. I offered him to sit back down and we held a light conversation related to the company while we waited for Pierce. My back was facing the elevator and when I heard it ding, signifying that someone just arrived, my body swiftly tensed up as I felt the uneasiness fill me.

Mr. Brent was the first to stand and called out Pierce from behind me. "Mr. Alexander! Welcome to New York. We spoke on the phone last week. I'm George Brent, your father's lawyer."

I turned myself around to face them and when my eyes landed on his physical appearance, I was dazed because I couldn't believe that Wilson and Deborah made this beautiful specimen in front of me. He had the same hazel eyes as Wilson only he had a brighter shade. His golden brown hair was combed neatly. My eyes then went to his face; he had a five o'clock shadow that made him really look masculine. His cheekbones were well defined that made his feature strong. I didn't know I was staring until I heard Mr. Brent clear his throat.

I wasn't aware that we were now being introduced. When I finally grasped that they were both looking expectantly at me, I smiled shyly and extended my hand to Pierce. "It's nice to finally meet you, Mr. Alexander." He shook my hand rather stiffly and let go immediately.

"Likewise." He said in a bored British accent. His voice even sounded dreamy.

I was kind of disappointed that he wasn't a warm person like his father. I assumed that he didn't really want to be here so I guess I could understand that. It was kind of a huge responsibility if he would be taking over a company that he never knew existed.

"Ms. Bailey, we would like to use your conference room for the meeting." Mr. Brent spoke and I nodded to lead them both into the room.

"Would you like a cup of coffee and some cookies?"

"That would be lovely. Thank you." Mr. Brent replied with a small smile on his face. I sauntered to the pantry and began to prepare them their coffee. After I served them their beverage, I was left to do some work. I hadn't noticed that they took the whole morning to discuss the will. When I noticed that the door finally opened from the conference room, I looked up from my laptop and saw them chatting while they walked towards the elevator. Pierce's expression was still blank from any emotion. I wondered how he took it. He didn't seem to mind that he was going to be the next in line to own this company.

Mr.Brent offered Pierce to lunch just as I walked out of my office space when Iheard them. He noticed my presence and smiled, "We will be heading out to lunch. Be back here around one in the afternoon so you could show Mr. Alexander around." I just nodded and walked them out to the elevator.

I took my break as well but I just stayed in the pantry and made myself a simple peanut butter sandwich. Mr. Brent and Pierce emerged from the elevator as they came back from their lunch. They chatted a bit before Mr. Brent handed Pierce his calling card then left us both alone together. I was now bracing for an awkward situation.

I mentally shook my head and faced Pierce, "Um, let me show you your office first." I began taking a few steps ahead and opened the door to Wilson's office. "This was your father's office but if you want we could call someone to renovate this place to your liking." I showed him a smile, trying to be normal as possible. To be honest, my heart was beating so fast from nervousness. He looked really intimidating.

He just nodded and gave nothing away. No smile, no small talk whatsoever. I guess he wasn't much of a talker. We continued walking around the building, going to different floors and showing him the different departments. We had been walking for a while now and I seem to notice that he was busy looking at his phone texting somebody. He wasn't really paying attention and it made me slightly annoyed. I had been talking all this time wasting my saliva only to be faced with this insensitive man. I stopped in my tracks and turned to face him. I crossed my arms as I waited for him to halt. He almost bumped into me but then stopped when he noticed that I wasn't moving. He looked up and narrowed his eyes at me.

"I know this is a lot to take in but it's really rude that you're not paying any attention. I don't have all day if you're just going to waste my time." I glared him down just to get my point across.

"Look Olive,"

"It's Olivia." I cut him off when he just mispronounced my name. If it was possible, he hardened his gaze more at me.

"I don't have time for this either. If you'll excuse me, I have other matters to attend to." He said gruffly. He then started to walk out on me. The nerve of this guy!

My mouth fell open and I was about to retort a sarcastic remark but he already turned left from the corner. Fantastic, the man was gorgeous but had a soul of a dead man. I was fuming when I came back to my office. I couldn't believe that I would be working for him for the rest of my life. I was exaggerating with forever but you get my point.


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