Eyes On Her

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Part 4-

Next day


The fucking sun had to wake me up, so I slowly open my eyes getting used to the bright sunlight hitting in my bedroom, I turn my head to the right seeing the most beautiful gurl fast asleep, Demi got her wrapped around me I'm stuck here but I need to shower I have to make myself look okay for this beauty! I grab Demi's arm gently and slowly putting it on the pillow near her head. Climbing out of bed I thought I would get a little cute this morning showing Demi I can get cute ;)
so I wrote her a morning letter saying

Good morning baby, sorry I wasn't here for when you woke up. Go jump in the shower I've put some joggers and t-shirt in the bedroom ready for you :) oh by the way I so wasn't looking at you whilst you sleep... You looked so cute. You're so beautiful❤️

Ps; I hope you like Starbucks ;) because that's what is waiting downstairs for you and pancakes so hurry haha!

Love Y/N xx

So after writing the letter and leaving it on your pillow so she will see it, I walk to the door as I reach it I quickly look at her smile to myself before leaving the room. I jump in the shower quick time incase Demi wakes up, I jump out looking for my towel and stuff.

"Fuck fuck fuck Y/N you stupid cow!!"

Fucking forgot to pick clothes up out my room how stupid, or was this my plan?;) I don't even have a fucking towel.. I quietly tip-toe to my bedroom, open the door slightly pop my head around first to make sure Demi was sleeping because would be so awkward if not. I see she's still fast asleep but she's facing the way I have to get my clothes hopefully I can be a ninja and not wake Demi up!! I run/tip-toe to the draws but coving my parts at the same time. I quickly through some underwear on grab my voi joggers and my missy bossy t-shirt, but put my hair in a bun I always let my hair dry by itself.

Who wants Demi's POV? 😊
Sorry it's not that long I just don't think people are reading it so I dunno if they is point carrying on idk.

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Demi's POV or nah?😏


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