Dinner Plans?

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When I woke no one was by my side, or inhabiting the bed with me at all. I turned to look around and Theo's room was empty. If course he wouldn't stay through the night I thought, it was foolish for me to even think so.

I removed myself from the soft blankets and sat on the side of the bed thinking of last night. How his kisses never reached my lips, as much as I hated him I yearned for his touch, craved his approval. I reached up and touched my burn, It had healed some over the night but it still was tender to the touch. I toyed with my fingers, reminding myself what he had done to his last wife,  two thousand years ago. Then it hit me, our age gap wasn't normal, and he didn't look old. Hell he looked like he was maybe in his thirties but definitely not forties, not even close to  two thousand years.

I sighed and squeezed my eyes shut. If this was a dream it will be over when I open my eyes. I stood up took a big breath then opened my eyes. Everything was the same, this wasn't some nightmare. This was my life.

I walked to the door my cheeks pink, embarrassed by my stupidity. I slipped into my room to take a shower and get ready for the day. Once my shirt was over my head Katara walked in, wearing a dark green dress with a white apron over it.

We exchanged pleasantries, giving each other a nice smile and she laid some black boots on the floor. They matched my black spandex shorts and my white blouse, i thanked her then pulled them on. They fit perfectly tight in the good spots, I checked them out. I could run easily in them and do normal things, deciding I liked them I looked up to Katatra, who was oddly silent.

"What's up?" I asked her sitting on my bed, she looked actually concerned and that started to worry me.

"Today, you and your pack are to be evaluated, and assigned." She didn't make eye contact with me, instead she played with her hands. I furrowed my eyebrows, kicking myself off the bed. This didn't sound like my type of day.

"What is that?" I asked grabbing her hands to stop her from picking a them.

"The King has files on every pack member, some more filled then others. He will read the files, ask you questions for get more, then decide." By now she couldn't even look in my direction, she had turned away from me now facing the door.

"He decides what Katara?" I asked, my voice was loud but it remained calm. I needed to be calm to get answers.

"If you die, If you live. If you are strong capable, a warrior. If you are useful, or stupid, If you will fight, or make, if you will serve or farm."

"How many will die, Katara?" My voice dropped an octave, she didn't reply to me instead she put her head in her hands. "How many will die?!" I shouted now, something took over me. I grabbed the chair in the corner and slammed it on the ground. The wooden fragments flew everywhere and I felt pricks in my hand. I stood there my head looking at the smashed pieces on the ground. I looked to my hands which held splinters of the wood and some blood. I knew what had happened, my wolf had taken over. She had sensed danger to the pack, and taken over because of my niceness.

"Im sorry," I sighed, trying to compose myself. "How many will die?"

I Looked up to see Katara pushed against the wall, her eyes were wide but she quickly pulled herself together. "I don't know, how useless are your people?" I glanced up, her face was straight. Mousey doesn't lay it down light does she?

"I can't stop it, can I?" I was frantically searching my mind for any sliver of information that may be useful. Nothing, Nothing, Nothing.

"You are his mate, but," She looked to me, knowing I knew what would be said but unsure if she should continue. I furrowed my eyebrows and pressed my teeth together, due to anger. "He doesn't care much for you."

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