Hello! :D

Hannah here... Psh, duh. xD


I know you people might think that this story is ending soon... Because I said so in like, chapter 12?

BUT TRUTH BE TOLD; I'm not sure yet.

I have TWO ideas for the ending, and I want YOUR help to decide which one! ♥

1.) I can have two more chapters left. One with the birthing of Lisa and Kendall's child, and the other one of the wedding.

2.) I can have TEN chapters left... The first 9 which would be each month of Lisa's pregnancy, and the last one the wedding.


Well, thank you for reading!

Please comment and let me know which you want me to do! Idea #1 or Idea #2!

Thanks and I love ya! :) ♥

-Hannah Henderson<333333 :)

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