Christmas Special

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Nishikino Maki x Santa's son! Reader

(Male Reader)

UnTold Miracles

Your POV

People will say that Santa Claus is actually an invention from us humans to celebrate Christmas and having this consumerism society we have nowadays, those people won't receive gifts this Christmas or that was the plan...

You can say that fact is actually true, Santa Claus was created by humans and strengthen by the Faith the humans put in him but nowadays it is different. Not even children would believe in the old man causing a serious crisis in the North Pole. The death of Christmas is soon arriving and now it is my job to stop it.

The old man could have stopped it but the age isn't in his favor, before he only needed a single person to believe in him to be healthy but instead he had all the globe believing in him and now that he needs and entire continent to continue existing, not even a country can be made from the people that still believes.

Maybe you have guessed it, I'm his son. Then, how am I living? I mean there's no one who believes in Santa's son, right? My mother actually prepares this drink that whenever I used it, I would have the same power the old man used to have in his days.

"You are lost in thought again" A paper that is floating beside me at the sled being bent at the half so it can imitate a mouth is my partner in crime. This paper signals me to the houses of all the kids and tells me what they want in case they didn't leave a letter and also helped me in eating the cookies and drinking the milk some good kids left me.

"Well, is difficult not to when the life of your parents are on your shoulders" I seriously tried my best to not sound depressed but I couldn't, even wearing this Santa costume the aura around me is still gloomy. Obviously I had certain traits for being Santa's son, the most noticeable one are the white streaks on my (Y/HC) hair and the certain combination of grey and blue inside of my (Y/EC) eyes.

"You are doing it great, in fact there's only one house left and we will be finished" I sighed after he told me that, at least I got to see the night sky one last time, I'm actually flying through it...

"Where is it?" The paper opened completely, releasing a white light and a flash go through my eyes. The next house was pretty big, well the term mansion should be more appropriate.

"I already directed the reindeers, just a few more minutes" Maybe after all of this is over and Christmas is saved I could live in the human world. Just maybe...

I mean, there are so many things I want to see, food I want to eat and people I want to meet but no matter how much I try I'm still bound to the Santa's son title and the future Santa Claus.

"We are here" Paper got me out of my trance and I looked from the edge of the sled, seeing the big terrains that the mansion got for itself and three chimneys...

The sled parked at the roof of the mansion, using magic to minimize the sound of it making some snowflakes to come from below the sled. I stepped out of it and Paper accompanied me while I stretched my body and looked at the three chimneys that were around the roof.

"Where?" I asked Paper but he was confused as me, I noticed because he was looking between the three chimneys without even having an idea.

"I'm not a genius" He sighed and opened itself, revealing a flash of girl with red-head waiting for us at a big living room. After seeing this I started to think, where should the living room be?

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