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I spent the rest of the day collecting my thoughts. I asked mom to bring dinner to my room. She noticed the change in my mood. I'm sure she thinks I had a fight with Jason. I'll let her believe that.

The following day after school, Layla was waiting for me at our usual cafe just like she'd say she would. She was alone... Too bad... I was hoping she would be with Andrew. As I walk into the cafe, I can felt someone's watching me. I ignored my feelings and continued walking towards Layla.

"Hey." I touched her shoulder, making her startled a bit.

"Hi, you're here. Have a seat." Layla said in a monotone. Her face looks serious.

I ordered a cup of hot latté. I wanted to order two since it was our favourite but cancelled it as soon as I remembered that Layla's now a vampire. Looks like latté will only be my favourite coffee.

It took an exact 3 minutes for the waiter to come back with my latté. We waited for the waiter to go before we started our conversation.

"Why are you so serious? Did something happen?" I took a sip of my latté.

"Nope, nothing happens. I'm just a little nostalgic."

"Well, your life is completely different now. I'm sure it won't be long before the feelings gone."

"I hope you're right. I wanted to see you for one last time." She said seriously.

My heart skipped a beat.

"Wait, does this means that you're leaving?" I frowned.


"Please, don't." I pleaded.

"Sarah, we live in a small town and my secret can't remain hidden forever. Andrew thinks the same too."

"He could have come with you to say goodbye." Disappointed urge me. I feel stupid just the thought of my feelings towards a vampire.

"He could have, but he wants to talk to you alone."

"Alone? Why?"

"Sarah, don't be naive. He likes you. I can't believe you got both a vampire and the hottest guy at school to like you!" She rolled her eyes.

He likes you.

My heart's thumping fast. I can felt sweats in my palm. Why am I so nervous? Relax Sarah, she just said that he likes you. It's not a big deal. Maybe he just likes you as a friend? Or maybe not? Why do I even care?

"Hello?" Layla brings me back to reality.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Do you hear what I just said?"

"Of course I do." No.

"So, what's your secret? Why the guys are after you instead of me? Please tell me,"

I chuckled. "Oh come on Layla, are you jealous or something?"

"I know, it's silly." She laughed. "I'll get over it. I've got all eternity now to do it."

"I'm glad you kept your sense of humour." We laughed.

We spent hours talking and laughing just like the old days. Just like the time when everything was normal. I hope this day would never end. But I know I was wrong. It's gonna end.

"Well, gal pal, that's it. It's late now. I have to go." She said abruptly.

"Will we see each other soon?" I ask will full of hope, trying to keep the smile on my face.

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