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isabella groaned walking into the living with a blanket wrapped around her flopping on the couch

"good morning to you too"
dacre replied with a laugh

"i'm sick"
isabella said resting her head on his lap

"like a cold or"
he asked

"i don't know stomach flew or something i threw up twice already"
isabella shrugged

"do you want some water"
he asked rubbing her arm

"yes please"
isabella smiled sitting up

dacre got up and went to the kitchen as joe walked into the living room

"sup bitch"
joe asked sitting on a chair

"dying what about you"
isabella asked

"why are you dying"
joe questioned

"i'm sick"
isabella replied

"you're pregnant"
joe gasped

"no bitch"
isabella laughed

joe mumbled

"whatcha guys talking about"
dacre asked handing isabella her water

joe said

"okay then"
dacre replied sitting next to isabella

isabella laughed leaning her head on dacre's shoulder

"damn why is joe always right"
isabella mumbled to herself holding up a pregnancy test

"bella are you ready"
dacre asked from the other side of the door

"uh yeah one second"
isabella sighed throwing the test in the trash before washing her hands and walking out of the bathroom

isabella and dacre went to lunch meeting up with the others

"charlie where's nat"
isabella asked

"with her mom"
charlie answered

"can i talk to you then"
she asked

"of course"
charlie smiled

isabella nodded taking charlie's hand in hers walking outside of the restaurant

"bella's being weird"
dacre said

"how so"
finn asked

"i don't know she's being quiet"
dacre replied

finn shrugged turning his attention back to his food

"what did you need"
charlie asked

"i'm pregnant"
isabella blurted

"wait what"
charlie asked with wide eyes

"you heard me"
isabella laughed

"are we happy about it"
charlie asked

"i think so"
isabella nodded with a smile

charlie smiled hugging the girl

"thank you"
isabella replied

"does dacre know"
charlie asked

"not yet so please don't say anything"
isabella said

"your secrets safe with me"
charlie smiled

"day can we talk"
isabella asked

"are you breaking up with me"
dacre asked sitting on the edge of the bed

isabella laughed

"you're dying"
he asked

"no just be quiet"
isabella laughed patting his cheek

"okay okay go ahead"
dacre laughed taking her hand from his face and holding it in his

"i'm pregnant"
isabella replied

dacre looked at her with wide eyes

"wait are you serious"
he asked

she replied

"oh my god"
dacre said

"are you okay"
isabella asked

"we're having a baby"
dacre asked

"yes dacre"
isabella laughed

"i'm gonna be a dad"
he questioned looking up at her

"dacre oh my god"
isabella laughed

dacre yelled laughing once he was no longer in shock

isabella laughed nodded as dacre stood up and hugged her

"when did you find out"
dacre asked

"like two days ago"
isabella replied

"i love you"
dacre smiled tearing up

"i love you too and don't you dare cry"
isabella said

"too late"
dacre laughed letting tears cry

isabella smiled pulling away and wiping his tears. he laughed kissing her

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