Contest 1 Winners

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To start of this chapter, you guys did really well! I hope all of you compete in the next competition which is in January. If you would like, you can give me some ideas for the theme in the next contest~


So here we go~

3rd Place


This one is so cute~
I really love the anime chibis getting ready for Christmas. It's a really nice cover and is absolutely adorable. Keep up the great work ;)

2nd Place


Wow. Even though it's just one anime character and nothing else I really like it. The anime character looks like she's wishing for something and it implements the theme nicely. Great job ;)

(There is no honorable mention because there was only 3 entries)

1st Place

Wow. Just wow.
This cover is amazing. The black border and the kids wishing. It nicely implements the theme~
It's simple yet cute.
I also like the subtitle. It just makes it more like an authentic book cover.
Good job~

Whoever got ranked go back to the prizes chapter and see what you earned!
For 1st and 2nd Place pm me for the book suggestions!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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