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Percy nods at me from across the alley and I take off. Shortly after, he's chasing me.

"Help! Someone help me!" I shout.

A man turns towards me.

"What's wrong?" He asks.

"There's a boy chasing me. I'm scared," I say.

"It'll be okay. Where is he?" He asks. I point down the road and he turns around. As he's turned around, I take the wallet and the phone that's sticking out of the back of his jeans.

"I think he's gone now. Thank you, sir," I say.

"Of course. Go back to your parents now, Okay?" I nod and run away back towards the alley.

"What'd you get?" Percy asks.

I open the wallet and take out a twenty and a drivers license and I show him the phone.

"What about you?" I ask.

He pulls out three fives and a watch.

"Come on," he says. I follow him and we enter a different alley.

We pass all the people crowded around small fires and ignore the people glaring at us. I squeeze his hand and he squeezes mine back, comforting me.

We reach the stern men and we let go of each other's hand.

"Yo boss, the twins are here," one of the men says.

A burly looking man with a thick beard walks out from behind the wall.

"What'd you two idiots bring for me today?" He grunts.

I place the phone and Percy places the watch on the table. The man inspects the objects, turning them over and analyzing them.

He puts them in his pocket and begins to walk away.

"Hey! What about our jackets?" I shout.

The man slowly turns around.

"El, let's go," Percy says.

"No, wait," I say to him. The man looks at us.

"Bring me something of value and we'll talk."

"I brought you a watch and she brought you a phone," Percy says, joining the argument.

"The watch is clearly a knockoff and the phone is outdated."

"You could still sell them," I add.

"You two don't know when to stop," the man grumbles.

He nods and the man from before grabs me by my collar.

"Let me go!" I shout, thrashing and kicking.

Percy throws a rock at the man, and he stumbles, letting me out of his grip.

Percy and I run, and we don't look back.

I wake up and stare at my ceiling, deep in thought. I've been getting more and more of these flashbacks, and I had hoped the move to Ninjago City would help me. But I suppose you can't run from your problems.

But you can try.

I go take a quick shower and get ready for my first day on the job. I grab my phone and wallet and head out the door.

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