On Hiatus

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As you can see in the title... Yes.

I'm putting this story on a temporary hiatus and it's not because of my studies. No, this is way more serious. Something bad happened and I can't get over it. I felt really empty right now, I can't feel any emotions. I thought that this year's Christmas will be happy but... seems like I'm wrong.

I'm wrong because my father DIED. He freaking died.

He fucking fell and hit his head on the edge of his bed, hitting a nerve on his brain causing his head to bleed out affecting his brain too. Seriously, I told him to be careful.

December 18 it was late at night when he fell on a coma. We heard the news from my niece, my older sister's daughter. At first I wasn't much affected since I wasn't close to him... but still... he was my father.

I also realized one thing: I fucking hate all his relatives.

They didn't do anything. They just rushed him to the hospital, they didn't help with the finances. When my mother said to proceed the surgery they didn't hesitate to tell the doctor instead of saying: "How about we split up the bills?" like really?

They updated his condition, yes... but not entirely. They said his fingers moved, some muscles twitched but they didn't told us that his heart freaking stopped and that the doctors revived him.

Wow, what a wonderful family, my father got. Really...

Tonight at 9:30, December 24 2017, my father died without us in his side. My mother cried, my sister cried... but not me. Yes, I shed a tear but I didn't bawl.But when I saw my sister's face, I cried waterfalls, she looked so broken, soulless even. She already had a hard life with her being away from her kids and now the man who she grew up with, died.

So yeah. Until I move on from this pain, i'll stop writing for now. Same goes on Quotev. I hope I didn't ruin your guys' Christmas, but I'm certain I did and I'm sorry for that.

So... uh... yeah.

Till next time~


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