Chapter 11 - locked up

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Kai POV:
I can't believe she had already tried to escape, not even one whole day here, I wanted to talk to Chen about her trying to escape and also if he thought if the punishment was too harsh. Before leaving my room I made sure y-n's door was locked to prevent any more escape attempts.
(Time skip- Chen's office)
Chen had welcomed me into his office I had taken a seat opposite him, he had asked what I had done to her "I hope you didn't hurt her to much, knowing you she is probably on the verge of death" he spoke not looking up from his computer "actually I didn't hurt much at all, I just band her food for the next three days" Chen looked up from the screen "what do you mean not hurt her much" he put emphasis on the 'much' "I mean considering I dragged her all the way back to my room and pushed her to the floor that's it" he looked back his glowing computer screen and carried on his work "that will be a first"

(Time skip- next morning)
Your POV :
I had woken up in the  same dark room, I slowly peeled the covers away and walked over to the curtains I pulled them open revealing a beautiful green garden. Light flooded into the room and I took this chance to take a look around. The room was white with light pastel pink accents throughout the small room. I one corner of the room was a small book shelf which was stacked full, in the centre was a single bed with again a light pastel matching pillow and quilt. Looking once more around the room I noticed lying on the floor was the t-shirt I had on yesterday, I decided to put it back on I case Kai chose to come back in the room. Once dressed I made the bed and went over to the book shelf and chose a book I had never heard of, I took it over to my bed and began reading. I had read 2 chapters when I heard to click of the lock and the door open.

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