Beach please

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1 week later

C: when do you get out of
class today?

C: Michael
C: Mike
C: Michaelangelo
C: Michelle

C: Mikeeeeeeeeeeee

M: whatttttttttr 🙄🙄
jfc I just got out dude,
I'm heading home rn

      Calum immediately responded
C: fucking finally- I'm at ur
apartment, we're going on
a beach date

M: of course you are   
          He responded, rolling his eyes to himself

Calum rubbed out his cigarette, flicking it out the window
"Cal! Don't litter" Michael scolded, getting in the car "-Date?" He questioned
"Yep!" Calum nodded concisely
    They hadn't really talked about what they were, but a date it was I guess
"Do you even know where you're going?" He laughed
"Nope!" Calum answered, popping the 'p' and laughing as they drove, following signs to a beach near Michael's apartment "I know the ocean is that aways-" he vaguely pointed his arm "-so that's where we're headed"
     Michael shook his head in amusement

Calum grabbed a giant blue and green beach blanket and a couple towels out of his trunk, handing the towels to Michael to carry
"Y'know? I've never asked and I feel bad..."
     "What?" Michael cocked his head to the side, studying Calum's face
"like I know you go to CSU Long Beach and stuff..." he giggled a little, nodding his head at Michael's CSULB t-shirt "And you always talk about school, but I've never asked what your major is" he bit his lip, a little embarrassed "we've been friends for too long for me not to ask- I feel kinda stupid"
      Michael smiled at his apology "it's fine Cal" he shook his head reassuringly "I'm studying french linguistics and french history..." he shrugged "it's not something that I really want to do in my life, but I'm good at it"
"Oooh, speak french to me Mikeyyy" he purred, wiggling his eyebrows goofily
     "What?... um, ok..." so he responded with the first phrase that came to mind "tu es un morceau de merde"
"Ooh la la" Calum pretended to swoon, fanning himself with his hand "what'd you say?"
     Michael started laughing "um... well... I- I called-" he bit his lip, trying not to giggle "I called you a piece of shit"
Calum smacked him playfully "fuck you"
     "Aww, mon bébé- je souhaite, mais nous sommes en public..." He grinned craftily "peut-être plus tard..."
"What? What'd you say?!"
     "Oh nothing, nothing" he hummed, making Calum shake his head in response

"is this a good spot?" Calum broke the comfortable silence to lay the blanket down. Michael nodded, setting down the towels, watching Calum strip his shirt off and lay down with his head rested on his hands

    Michael didn't take his shirt off, but followed suit; laying on his side to face Calum, using a beach towel as a pillow "... you are very attractive"
Calum laughed at that "thanks Mike..." he paused, glancing around, and making sure there was something blocking them, for a private moment "I wanna kiss you" he leaned in close
     "do it then" he smirked
so he did, planting a quick, secretive kiss on Michael's lips "I like you"
Michael laughed "you're ok I guess" he smirked as Calum smacked him lightly again and leaned in for another kiss. It was long; Calum moved to hover above him, drawing the kiss out.
He rolled off of him to bask in the sun; and Michael unashamedly stared. He wanted to reach out and run his fingers along Calum's soft skin, he wanted to trace his tattoos. He wanted to push his fingers through his bouncy curls. He wanted to watch Calum's cheeks rise and the corners of his eyes crinkle as he grinned
Calum rolled his head on its side to meet Michael's gaze. They just lay there for a moment, looking at each other in serene silence

"You look like you're dressed for the cold-" Calum scoffed "c'mon at least take your shirt off Mike"
"Have you seen my skin?" He laughed "I burn Cal, the shirt's staying on" he pushed his sunglasses down his nose, raising an eyebrow at him
"C'mon- c'mon- c'mon" he giggled, poking annoyingly at Michael's stomach
"Stopppp" he groaned and pushed his finger away "we can't all be tan Maori god's like you" he smiled, biting his lip
"A god, huh?" Calum's cheeks crinkled with his smile "... well... maybe we just wait till we're in private- then you can take your shirt off-" he looked mischievous "you'll get all that vitamin D you're missing out here"
"Ew- Jesus-" Michael fake gagged "that's the worst thing I've ever heard- you're disgusting. We are never having sex again" He fake gagged again "never ever"
"Aw, Mike no!" Calum giggled "I take it back! I take it back!"
        Michael grinned "too late!"
Calum stuck his tongue out and crossed his arms "fine..." he decided, smirking "well then take a good long look at me 'cause it's the last time you're ever gonna see this" he motioned up and down at his body
    "Cal don't do that to me-" he reached over and poked his belly, making Calum giggle "god, you're so persuasive..."
Now Calum grinned, feigning offense "now you only want me for my body?! Michael Clifford, how dare you?!" He smiled
Michael smiled and leaned in to kiss him again "me?" He giggled "I would never"

"Let's go down to the water" Calum stood after a while, reaching a hand down to pull Michael up
        He nodded, walking beside him down to the shore "before you drop me off, wanna get something to eat?" He looked over "I'm fucking starving- I haven't eaten all day"
Calum smiled, surprised "Why not?! Mike, you didn't eat breakfast before class?"
        Michael shook his head "woke up late-" he explained "I was rushing"
"I will literally Postmates breakfast to your apartment everyday- you need food Mike!" He promised
      "Calum chill" he laughed "it was one time..., but for real- can we?"
"Yeah of course; In-N-Out?"
Michael nodded excitedly "yes- that sounds wonderful. There's one on the way back to my place"
Calum nodded, continuing to chat happily with him

He bit into the burger, grinning "Jesus food is good" he groaned a little
Calum smirked, sipping his shake and driving out of the parking lot
"Seriously!-" He defended "I don't know why you didn't get a burger"
"Maybe because I actually eat meals during the day" he laughed
"Ok, whatever" Michael shook his head "you're just rich and famous and out of touch" he giggled
"I'm not out of touch!" Calum feigning a pout
"You wouldn't understand the struggles of a broke college student"
"Fair, but you're acting like you've never eaten food before Mike" he smirked
"Shush- it's a good burger" he continued to eat
There was a short pause as Calum thought about his next question "I- I'm not like, messing up your class and studying schedule right? Like you're not missing anything important?"
       Michael shook his head in immediate reassurance "no" he shook his head again "god, no way- I'm only taking two classes right now. A- and I only have them two days a week and they're both in the morning" he added "My first like 3 1/2 years of school were super class heavy because I was trying to graduate fast and be done with school" he shrugged "it wasn't my best decision, but now I've got very little left, so I have ton of free time; that part's nice"
Calum nodded, listening intently "well good!" He grinned "-'cause I like spending time with you!"
Michael blushed, taking another bite so he wouldn't have to respond, instead asking "Can I DJ?" And plugging his phone into the AUX as they drove

Michael opened his Snapchat, immediately clicking on DailyMail, because Michael was an intellectual
He clicked through, no stories were that interesting... until he tapped again and the story was about him... sort of...
       Beach Bums: Calum Hood and a male pal relax on the beach... yada yada, with pictures of them walking on the beach; they were quite inconspicuous when they arrived, both in hats and dark shades, but evidently when they had gotten up, they were spotted
   Michael was the definition of shooketh. He hadn't even considered that people would take pictures, to him Calum was just... Calum
      He took a screenshot of the photos and texted it to Calum

M: I guess I'm famous
now? 😂

God himself: dont let it
go to your head

M: too late bitch

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