Chapter #7: Team Battles Start

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(Y/N) P.O.V
Beep beep beep

You smashed your newly bought alarm clock so you can wake up earlier for your second day at UA

(Y/N): oh man mom's going to kill me I didn't purposely break it
it's just I'm not used to waking up with alarm clocks.

You got up and picked up your alarm clock pieces and you carefully put it in a bin so you didn't make any noise you smiled knowing that you successfully put all the pieces in the bin

(Y/N): Thank God Mom Didn't hear me but how am I going to by another one without her noticing You gave a long Sigh.

You stood up from your bed to go downstairs and get breakfast

[Time Skip]

After eating breakfast and brushing your teeth and getting dressed and finally finished packing your stuff you are ready to leave

(Y/N): Mom I'm leaving

(M/N): Okay have a good day

(Y/N): I will

You say while running out the house when you finally got to UA you started to smile and think to yourself

(I/R/M)= in reader's mind
:I can't believe I actually made it into this school

You found your way into your classroom but when you opened it as usual you see bakugou breaking the rules and Ilda I trying to fix Bakugou's Behaviour
You decided not to mess with whatever they're doing so you just sat down and fell asleep

When you woke up everybody was heading to the area you were all supposed to fight in

(Y/N): guess I have to join them

You got up from your seat and followed them you were surprised when you were let out to a huge building you looked around and saw all the other students looking excited except Midoriya

You decided being a good friend you are to go up to Midoriya and cheer him up

(Y/N): Don't Worry You Got This

Midoriya P.O.V

I was standing there a bit nervously I guess I was just getting the butterflies considering I'll have to fight one of my other classmates

Until you heard

(Y/N): Don't Worry You Got this

Midoriya: ack

You jumped and turned around

Midoriya: You almost gave me a heart attack

(Y/N): P.O.V

Midoriya: You almost gave me a heart attack

(Y/N): I'm sorry I didn't mean to

Giving him a reassuring smile

(Y/N): anyway I'm just here to say that there's no need for you to be afraid of anything you're one of the strongest kids in the classroom.

You look up to see Midoriya with a smile on his face

Midoriya: Thanks

(Y/N): no problem

You looked up to see all might explaining how these Team battles would work but he said that because there were more students I would have to be put on a full team so that would make three members after he gave us our team numbers we were headed for the arena the team I was selected on was Team (A)
Me, Midoriya, and Ochako Vs Bakugou, and Ilda Their Team (D)

(Y/N): Great Just Great this is not going to be easy but fun to get revenge for everything Bakugou has done.

Well I did it I finally was able to make it happen a new chapter all thanks to the support you guys have been giving me I stayed up to get this chapter done now I know I'm not the best writer that's why it mean a lot to me if people gave me advice on how I should Write my story now like always
Thanks for Reading

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