Chapter 56: Summer Awaits

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The airport was awake with shifting feet, ecstatic voices and eager bodies moving around to begin their summer vacation. At the beginning of the semester, Harmony had planned to drive back home and do some volunteering at the hospital before her family had to go to Orlando for the Monroe Family Reunion. However, three weeks ago those plans changed when she let those two words slip in front of Laurent.

Family reunion. Laurent sighed as if she gave him nausea with words. The next day he proposed a trip to introduce her to a gang of O' Connor's, his words not hers. It would be the first week of summer break and in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania was a difficult sale and going on a trip with people she only knew for a couple of months to visit people she didn't know in a state she never been to before was an even harder sale.

"Stop being a baby. Just tell 'em." Harmony insisted as she paced in front of Samuel. "It's better to do it now and get it over with before you'll within reaching distance." She chuckled remember the time he failed woodshop and their mother whacked him in the back of his head with her dainty hand.

Samuel scowled at her as he slouched in the paper-thin seat, "It's not funny." He stuck out his leg trying to disrupt her gait but she hopped over his limb.

"I mean." She smirked stopping her footsteps. "It kinda is funny, a football player failing kinesiology."

He tossed his container of orange Tic-tac's at her, "I told you. I didn't know attendance was mandatory."

"You're not getting these back," She pleasantly proclaimed shaking the container of breath mints. "Did you read the syllabus?" He gifted her with an eye roll. "Don't get mad at me. I didn't make you miss class. That was Kenneka."

They weren't paying attention to the dry, loud voice over the speakers but a string of numbers made Laurent stand from his seat and Cecelia followed his lead—she tapped on Ariel's shoulder.

"What?" Ariel twisted around in her chair as she pushed her headphones off one ear and peered up at her parents.

"It's time to go." Laurent jabbed his thumb in the direction of the gate, where a substantial line had already formed.

Harmony pushed up the sleeves to her lightweight beige shirt as puzzlement plagued her bronze face, "We don't have to be the first ones on the plane." She studied the minute hand of her gold watch. "I mean we have seat numbers. We can wait ten minutes can't we?"

 We can wait ten minutes can't we?"

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"Wait ten minutes." Laurent covered his wide mouth as a yawn escaped. "For what? We need to get settled."

"Please, dad." Ariel slapped her magazine closed as she hopped from her seat. "You don't want to get settled. You want to go to sleep." She tossed her rope-like ponytail off her shoulder. "Anyways, she's waiting on someone."

"Well, sweetheart, you have about forty-minutes before this plane is fully boarded." Cecilia started as she nudged her husband to walk ahead.

"She's waiting for her boyfriend," Samuel told as he heaved is duffle bag over his shoulder. "He probably needs longer on his final than he thought."

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