~*Chapter 3*~

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*Katelyn's POV*

"Hello. We've found the missing princess," Sky said.

I looked over at Aph. She was staring at the photo, her eyes no longer sparkled. Her hands were shaking, and beads of sweat were on her forehead. She was shaking ever so slightly.

A black van pulled up, and the people made created a pathway for a man. He wore a white shirt, red sweatshirt, and jeans. His eyes were light blue and his hair was brown.

"Come on Jess. Let's go."

"No," Aphmau whispered (lol I thought I spelled her name wrong cause it's underlined in red).

"Excuse me?" The man asked.

"I said 'No' Jason. I don't want to leave."

'Jason' raised an eyebrow. "Come on Jess, for real. We gotta go home."

"No. Please, no. I'm happy here. Please, I just want to stay here."

"Jessica Dawn Phoenix. We have to go home," Jason said.

"This IS my home!" Aphmau yelled.

*Aphmau's POV*

"This IS my home!" I yelled.

Jason growled.

"You're not going to take me away from my home," I said.

"I'm taking you to your REAL home," He said.

He picked me up, carrying me bridal style to the van, put me in the passenger's seat, and buckled me up. He tied my hands behind me, which was a lot of work for him. I heard Katelyn yelling.

*Katelyn's POV*

"Bring Aph back!" I yelled, "Why would you guys do this to your friend?" I asked the group of people still at my door.

Most of them looked away. All except Sky.

"We- we didn't want to do this. Jason's Jess's, or Aphmau's, older brother. After her and her mom left, all her best friends-us included- couldn't bear it. Jin, who's also her brother, and Jason suffered the worst. Both were her older brothers, and felt like they should have been there. Jin was distraught- and wasn't in very good condition. Jason felt like he was to blame. Before she'd left, Jess and her mom got into an argument with their dad. Jin didn't get involved, but Jason backed up her dad. Jess couldn't believe Jason would take their dad's side, and two days later, she disappeared. A day after she went missing, their mom went missing. For six years, Jason just wanted his sister back," Sky explained.

Jin looked straight at me. "We have to go help calm Jess down. She loves us- she just loves you guys too, and doesn't want to leave you guys. Please don't end up hating her- it will just make it worse for her."

And they got into the van, driving off.

I opened messages.

(Aa= Aaron, G= Garroth, L= Laurance, KC= Kawaii~Chan, K= Katelyn/ You, N= Nicole, D= Dante, T=Travis , Z= Zane, Lu= Lucinda, A= Aphmau)

K: Guys!

Aa: What is it?

T: What do ya want Katie?

Lu: What up girl?

Z: I had something better to do.

G: Like watching ponies?

Z: What? No!

K: Apparently Aph is Princess Jessica, and they took her away!

A: Hey, stop making her phone explode.

K: Aphmau!

A: Nope.

Z, G, L, Aa, N, D, T, Lu: Who are you then!?

A: Jessica/ Aphmau's brother also known as Prince Jason.

Aa: What!

A: She didn't tell you guys?

All: NO!

Aa: That's it, we're having a group call.

A: Okay then.

*Call begins*

(J= Jason, Ji= Jin, S= Shelby, Sk= Adam, B= Barney, R=Red, M= Max Ro= Ross)

Aa= Who are you?

J= I told you, I'm Jason.

Ji= I'm Jin.

S= Shelby.

Sk= Adam.

B= Barneys.

R= Red.

Ro= Ross.

M= Max.

A: Jason give me back my phone!

J= Sis. You can't hold your phone. Your hands are tied.

All of Mystreet Crew: What!

Sk= Jess who's your favorite sibling?

A: Am I allowed to say Jin?

Ji= Yes!

J= No!

A= Too bad Jason. Jin is my favorite sibling.

J= Why!?

A= Because, unlike you, he didn't agree with Dad about the worst thing ever, he didn't kidnap me, tie my hands, and steal my phone!

M= You have a fair point.

A: Is Max agreeing with me!? If this is a dream, don't wake me up.

M= I will take that back.

A: It's already out of you're mouth. You can't.

All Sky Army + Jason, without Jess: Bye, see you guys at the castle!

J= If you wish to see Jess.

A: Take me back to them! Don't take me to the castle! Please! You still don't have Mom! Only I know where she is!

J= Tell me. Please.

A: Never.

*Call Ends*


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