Who is she?

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When the girls finally leave, I could see Cole wink at me before walking away. I ignore his little flirting and continue with my relaxation.
Until of course, another person stands in front of my sunshine.

"Ready to play?" Ray asks lightly tossing a volleyball in her hand.
"Only if your ready to lose" I reply getting up.

We walk over to the net and pick sides.
Ray is serving first so I get into position as she bumps the ball from under my hand towards the net.
I set the ball back in the air before hitting it over the net.

After a few points, Ray is in the lead, 12-10.
"10 serving 12" I shout before hitting the ball over.
She walks over to the net and spikes the ball downwards. My cover up disabled me from getting it.
"Okay time to play for real" I grunt picking myself up from the floor. (Bathing suit at top)

I hold onto the bottom of my cover and start lifting it up. "Tana, your tattoo" Ray reminds.
"Don't worry, waterproof concealer" I wink before continuing to take off the top.

I watched as Katana and her friends game progressed and I could tell the cover up wasn't allowing her to move the way she wanted.

She soon realized this set back and decided to take off the white fabric.
"Hey why don't we ask to play?" Travis insisted.
"Yeah I wanna play. Besides that girl is hot" Dominic announced.

I turn around and shoot him a glare not really knowing why.
"Calm down, I'm talking about the brunette" he assures me.
"Not like I care anyways" I scuff looking back to Katana who now has her cover off.

"Damn" I mumbled.
"Bro you see what I see?" Travis asks eying Katana up and down. I didn't like him looking at her in that way for some reason.
"Yeah lets go play" I demanded, getting up within a heartbeat throwing Lexi's arm off me.

"What about us" she pouts looking up at me.
"What about you?" I ask coldly
"Don't leave us here!"
"The come play the game" Travis says. I bump his should in a sign to tell him to shut up.
"Ew no I don't play sports" She sneers
We all shrug our shoulders and walk away.

"Damn look at her" Dominic says referring to the other girl. I admit, she had a nice body too, but I was focused on Katana.
"Can we play?" Travis asks as we approach them.
"Sure" Katana replies wiping the sweat from her forehead as it drips down her chest.

"I'm in the lead so far" The other girl brags.
"By one point Ray" Katana retorts.
"Anyways, lets play" I declare.


The guys get into position and I had Travis on my team as Ray, Dominic, and Cole go on the other team. I could feel Ray and Dominic hitting it off and I have to admit, they do look good together.

I could feel Coles eyes stare down on me to my body every time I moved or jumped. I scolded him this one time when I caught him looking at my breast. This is why I wear cover ups.
At the day, me and Travis won by one point because, Cole was too busy looking at my boobs and my ass, and Dominic was busy staring at Ray.



"Babe where are you going" a girl says as I get up from her bed.
"Come back to bed" she says trying to sound seductive keyword: trying. I ignore her a put my clothes on piecing everything together.
"Answer me" she demands sitting up on the bed exposing her plastic breast.

"We fucked and that's it. I'm leaving" I respond while fixing my belt.
"Wait no. One more round" she begs getting up and walking towards me.
"Fuck off" I spit taking myself from her.

I walk out the door and make my way down the stairs. I walk out the front door slamming it behind me before getting in my car and driving away.

The moment I get home, I see domi and Travis playing on my console. "You fucked tonight?" Travis asks.  "Of course. But it didn't mean a thing" I reply walking up the stairs.

Once I open my door, a dagger flies  to the side of my head. I look straight a see a person standing on the other side of my room. I couldn't see their face because they had a masquerade mask on.

I roll on the floor getting to my cabinet. I pick up a gun and start shooting.
The person starts dodging my bullets and rolling off the floor. I spot the persons body and realize it's a GIRL. Not gonna lie, she was sexy as fuck. But she's trying to kill me so I can't let my hormones get the best of me.

She runs up to me and punches me in the face while I wasn't paying attention. "Shit" I gasp holding my jaw. I try punching her back, but she grabs my hands twisting it behind my back before pushing me against the wall.

I had him on the wall but he quickly turned the situation around and now had me on the wall.
He presses his body against mine forcing me on the wall. He really stinks. Smelled like after sex.

I take my dagger from my boot and stab him in the thigh before he lets go of me.
I roundhouse kick him in the face forcing him to the ground. I decide that'll be enough for now and walk towards the window.

I make sure to be cautious before jumping out the window, and running away from the scene.
I hop on my bike and drive off thinking about what happened.

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