Christmas Kiss all

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(y/t) your turtle (Raph leo mikey or donnie)

(o/t) other turtle (not your turtle)

lets do this


(y/n)'s P.O.V

i was walking down to the lair with some gifts for the guys and splinter along with April and Casey when i hered shouting and laughing. 'great Raph and Casey are rialed up' i thought as i walked in to see everyone decorating "hey (y/n) look up" (y/t) said holding a mislto above us 'he's using this as a joke when i realy like him ugh' i thought "come on (y/n) get some!" Casey shouted. you see he's the only one who knows about my crush on (y/t). "Casey told me you like me, the fea;ings are the same for me." (y/t) said befor kissing me on the lipes. after about 3 secontsof shock i kissed back then (o/t) took a pictur.

(y/t)'s P.O.V

(y/n) is kissing back yes Casey wasent lying after about a minnet we pulled away "thats all you get (y/t) wether you like it or not and i brout gifts everyone!" she said as she gave us all a gift "(y/n) all i wanted was you to be my girl not a gift cause your all i need!" i said "oh really ... then your wish is granted!" she said kissi9ng my cheek!


hey Love's how is your lovly Christmas eve/ Christmas well i hope you get everything you wantted! i did this cause all i had was one idea if you dont like it i have other stuff i will be uplodeing soon (by soon i mean after Christma!)

By for now Love's ~Marcellus

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