Chapter 6

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I can not put it into words, it just felt so good.

I slapped him. Hard.

I think he deserved it.

I got up, taking a few steps away from him.

He was staring at me, one hand on his pink cheek.

"Did... did you just slap me?"

I saw a little smile on his lips, which meant that I obviously didn't slap him hard enough.

"Yes," I crossed my arms, looking at him with my head held up.

"You're so adorable," he chuckled.

"Maybe. And you know what else I am?" I looked at him, and he stared back with questioning eyes. "Not yours."

He stood up, his eyes getting more serious.

"Yes, you are," he crossed his arms too. Sadly he looked a lot more intimidating than me, but I wasn't planning on giving up.

"Boy, have you seen my shirt?" I asked, taking my hoodie off to reveal it. "Property of no one," I said it out loud.

His eyes got like five shades darker, and he took a step towards me.

"Hey, stop!" I raised my voice, putting one of my hands out. "If you take one step closer I'll scream."

He saw that I was serious, so thankfully he stopped, but his face didn't change.

"I am a free, independent woman, so don't come at me with this 'You're mine' shit. You can't just take someone away from their home and label them as yours, who does that?!"

"Woman..." he smirked. "Rhea, you're barely eighteen."

"Oh, yeah? And may I ask how old are you?" I raised my eyebrows.

"Twenty-three," he answered.

"So you are an adult," I nodded. "If you think I'm not a woman, then that makes me a girl, which is a child, which makes you a pedophile. And a kidnapper."

He sighed, rolling his eyes.

"Rhea, I'm none of those things."

"Oh, and you knew my name before I even told you, so you're a stalker too!"

He growled, taking a few steps closer so he was standing right in front of me.

"Will you shut up already?" He looked down at me.

"Depends. Will you let me go?"

"No," he replied instantly.

"Then I guess I'll have to keep talking," I shrugged.

"Well, if you're gonna talk, at least tell me about yourself," he smirked.

"Ugh," I rolled my eyes, walking past him and collapsing on the bed.

I was getting exhausted.

"Why can't I just go home?" I mumbled.

I could feel that he sat down next to me.

"Darling, you have to understand me," he said with a calm voice. "You're my mate, I need you."

I looked up at him, checking if he was serious, but he was. I sat up, facing his body.

"But why? Why do you need me?"

"It's just how it is," he smiled weakly. "Every werewolf has a mate, which is a wonderful thing because you will always have someone by your side. They will support you, care for you, love you. You just simply can not live without them, they give meaning to your life. No one wants to be lonely forever."

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