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"Elisa." The voice breathed out.


"How have you been, I've missed you."

I clutched the phone in my hand, whilst the other rubbed the back of my neck. Where should I start?

"I've been okay . . . had a rough few days." I sighed.

"You don't sound so well, everything okay?"

I didn't want to worry him, but then again I shouldn't really keep such things from him.


I smiled at the concern in his voice, though it was still as smooth and silky as ever, almost causing my heart to clench.

"Sorry, I spaced out, the thing is . . . I kinda got into an accident."

"What!" I jumped at his urgency, "are you okay—nothing bad is it—when did this happen?"

So I told him everything, from the annoying guy that wouldn't leave me alone, to relaxing after some appetisers—well it was true, he needn't know about Darius grabbing me and taking me to the corner, I think it would have caused some misunderstandings. After all nothing happened, except nearly being crushed by a glass chandelier.

I heard a sigh over the phone, "why didn't Darius go on his own?" It seemed he was asking himself.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"Oh, he normally does, didn't he tell you or did he make you go with him?"

"I thought I had to go with him." I replied, dumbfounded.

He mumbled something inaudible and once again sighed, his breath causing static through the connection. "No, that's why Reina doesn't attend all events with him, and anyway your job as a PA doesn't mean for you to follow him wherever he goes. Did he not brief you in this?"

"I er . . . I guess we wouldn't be having this conversation if I did."

Xavier chuckled, "yeah," his voice grew soft and gentle like his chocolate coated eyes. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"You're not hurt?"

"No I'm fine Darius he—"

"What did he do—is everything okay?" He was breathing more, was he angry I was hurt? How cute!

"I'll come by now."

"No really Xavier, it's fine. I'm fine, I just hurt my head but really you continue with your work."

"I'm really sorry this happened and I wasn't there for you." I could feel the warmth from his voice, soothing my headache with his sweet words.

"I feel better already hearing your voice and anyway it wasn't your fault. No need to apologise."

"Gosh Eli, you make me feel a little crazy you know that?"

I think I went a bit mad at the nickname he had just given me. I giggled through the phone, hearing my own laugh was something I didn't think would occur so frequent, given the hell hole I had been in, in the past two years.

"Are you sure you weren't a 'little crazy' from before?" I teased.

"Perhaps," I could already picture him smiling with that lopsided grin, dimples popping through.

"So how's the proposal going?"

"Hm?" I waited a few seconds for his answer, "ah sorry—see I was thinking more about when I'd see you next. The proposal is obviously still in the works, still busy and a bit more left to go. Don't worry though I'll be done in no time and then we can spend more time together."

I hummed, "that does sound good."

"Sure is," I guess he said with a grin, "and remember don't exert yourself too much. If the dragon tells you to go somewhere, you put your foot down."

I laughed at his silly behaviour, "yes sir!" I beamed with a smile.

"Sir?" His voice began to deepen, "that doesn't sound so bad, Miss Downy."

I shook my head, knowing all too well the heat was rising up to my cheeks.

"What's got you all blushing?"

I perked my attention to the door, Amanda was standing with a quizzical look. She walked in her gladiator sandals and shirt dress to match.

"I'll talk to you later—sure, yeah. Bye!"

I held the phone to my heart and sighed, I couldn't believe how fast it was beating and all because of his voice. In some ways it was a kind of relief, talking to him made me feel better, as though he was listening to every word and syllable that I uttered and taking care of what I was saying to him.

"So . . . care to tell me who that was?"

Amanda pushed her dark hair to the side and sat down on the sofa. Her green eyes were looking duller than usual, she looked upset.

"A friend," though she narrowed her eyes as I sat beside her, "you okay, you look a little glum."

Amanda sighed, frowning as she fell back on the sofa. Her brows were slightly lighter than her brother's, but she resembled him most when she was looking upset or annoyed.

"I—it's nothing, just some family stuff." She shrugged her shoulders and glanced at me, craning her neck to the side.

"Anything I can help with?" I licked my dry lips, feeling quite unnerved with the atmosphere. It was unlike Amanda to be so down, she was from the time I had known her, positive and perky.

She took my hand and squeezed it, "you're doing pretty well anyway."

" . . . I . . . am?" I quirked a brow and gazed at our interlocking hands.

"More than enough I would say," she smiled solemnly.

"Can I stay here for a while, I don't want to go home and—"

"It's fine, you can stay as long as you want. I could get someone to order some food too."

"Nah it's okay," she shook her head causing small strands of her hair to fall over her eyes. She swiped them with her palm and covered her face as she lay.

I sighed and thought she must've had a hard day, taking my leave I made my way to the door.


Amanda stopped me half way.

"Hm?" I pursed my lips together and looked at the dejected figure laying infront of me. Her petite figure was almost smothered by the many cushions beside her, her legs swinging just over the sofa.

"Promise me something."

"Promise?" I smiled thinking she was joking with me.

"Yeah." Her voice breathed out, she looked so forlorn, her eyes hidden behind her hand, the other clenching the hem of her dress.

"To always be by his side."


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