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The pain was unbearable and I could feel myself passing out if the hit won't stop coming. "Get up!" He hissed with his friends laughing behind him. I couldn't even if I want too. He harshly drag me by my shirt as I tried to keep my eyes opened. "You're such a weakling Go Namsoon. You should've listen to my order but instead your showing you're such a hero n front of the whole class!" He brought my face closer to him with so much hate in his voice.

He was about to take another hit on me when I close my eyes tightly but the pain never came. I slowly opened my eyes only to see a hand had stopped Jung Ho's from landing me that punch. My eyes widen when I could get a clear picture of the person. "Who the fuck are you?!" Jung Ho snarled. "I will tell you this if you don't let him go, I think I just heard one of the front Ahjusi called your school." He told him in a warning tone. Jungho released me harshly making me stumble a little and left with his friends looking pissed. "Namsoon.." The person tried to speak but I couldn't look at him. Tears is about to spilled and I'm not ever gonna let him see that. Without even glancing at him I groan and reach out for my beg on the floor and painfully walk away from him.  

Hello a new story. I'm not sure if anyone would read it. Just got hooked up with these two. School 2013 still got me the Heungsoon feels. I will post the first chapter if I could at least get 3 likes.

Thank you!

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