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okay guys. the rest of this story will be posted on Tuesdays only (ocasionally thursdays too,) . i know im sorry but i am going to be posting three stories at a time. 

lossing my heart will be posted on Mondays, wensdays, and fridays.  

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Chris's POV

"are you sure you are okay?" cobie asked with her hand on my shoulder. i had been here for about a hour and we were all just talking until scarlett arrived. she should have been here by now. 

"guys really i am fine." i said gentally. 

"Chris we all knew you were gonna ask her out." Robert commented

"yes i was i really wanted to but....but now i guess i missed my chance" 

"speaking of her where is she. you guys usaually ride together." 

"Yeah she took a uber." 

"seriously Chris you made her take a Uber?" Chris H asked. 

"i coulnd't bring myself to talk to her. i didn't want to ignore her."  i hoenstly felt really bad. it was raining and she still hasn't shown up.  i looked out of the window. "i feel bad. it's really coming down." i said. 

"i hope she is okay." robert said. right when he said that someone opened the door to the studio. we all turned to look. Scarlett stood there dripping from the rain. 

"FINALLY" i director yelled. "go to make up. quick we are way behind schedule." he said. she nodded as he ran to talk to some of the crew. we all starred at Scarlett who was ringing out the water in her hair.  

"scarlett." jeremy started. "are you okay...you look horrible." 

"im sorry that i was late and i know it messed up all your scedules. it's just i called a uber and then as we were driving i realized i forgot my wallet so i told the guy and he stopped the car. so i had no other option but to walk and then it started to rain. then i almost mdade it when i slipped and fell on my face. which caused my hair to get so soaked. im just glad i choose sneackers today." she said laughing a bit. i felt aweful. 

"why didn't you call one of us?" Robert asked. 

"it was no big deal." she said trying to hide the fact that she was shivering and that she had a small cut on her knee from her fall. i gave her a apologetic look. 

"i better get to makeup." she said. she walked away. 

"you know." cobie started. "if we hadn't been such jerks yesterday we could have prevented this. we were so upset that we forgot to think about what makes scar happy. and because of our actions " 

 " doesn't even think that she can talk to us when she needs help. when we should have been there for her...she thought we wouldn't come." i said

"i feel aweful." Chris H said. i nodded in agreement . " if scarlett wants to be with Romain..and he makes her happy maybe we should support her. no matter how much it hurts us." 

no one said anything. we all hated Romain for the way he treated Scar. but he seemed to make her happy. 

"her happiness is the only thing that matters." 

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