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I love reading.

It's kind of amazing how ink on a paper can yield so many different emotions.

How every book, every page, every word sticks to the reader, forever, even if its all just a combination of 26 little symbols.

Plus, you can read it over and over, no matter how many times, the story never changes.  Nobody can object, because all the evidence is right there.

There are thousands and thousands of worlds in each book.

A world where half-gods walk among us,

a world where vampires and werewolves battle, 

a world where there are dozens of genetically-enhanced humans,

a world where witches and warlocks can cast spells on anyone.

Reading is wonderful, because you can kind of forget about your own world for a little while.  You become the character; and the character becomes you.

The other wonderful thing about reading is that you can never be wrong.  And if you are, you just add a "Fiction" label on it, and everything's okay.  You can choose between life and death, and nobody can do anything about it.

Books never run out of battery.

Books dont break if you drop them.

Books aren't $500.


This was dedicated to my friend Sara, who may not have a wattpad.  She is an amazing reader and I love her for it.  Keep reading, guys.

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