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Dear Smartasses,

Sometimes I don't understand my own gender. So I was at the mall with a few of my friends from dance, cause our shoes were wearing out and we wanted new ones.

I offered to pay for the girls, but they declined. So we got to the checkout at a dance store, and we had new shoes. I went up to pay for myself, but let the girls go ahead of me. All of us were talking to each other as they payed. Then I got up to pay and the guy at the counter said "you should pay for those girls. Men should always pay for the weaker sex."

I was like WHAT? Weaker sex? Girls? No way. Those girls are not weak, they could probably beat all of us up without breaking a sweat.

And then later I came out to my parents and my dad says "I don't really care as long as your the one fucking, not being fucked." I was about to kill him.

Merry Christmas (eve) and happy holidays!!


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