Chapter 12

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"Hold on you guys! Oh I'm so sorry" Clary said as she bumped into an elderly lady. Addy rolled her eyes and walked over.

"Grandma, Nice to see you" Addy said smiling. She stabbed the demon as tentacles came out of its face.

"What the hell?" Clary said.

"Hey, not in front of grandma" Addy said as her and Clary jogged back to the group.

"There's demons everywhere" Alec said gripping onto Addy's hand.

"Come on, follow me" Clary said running ahead towards a building. Alec was running beside Addy.

They ran into a building. Addy slammed the door behind her. The group.

"Keep moving!" Jace yelled.

(So the scene changes to when Clary comes back to the Institute with the cup)

"I want the Institute on high alert, the only thing that matters is Clary" Jace said yelling orders to Shadowhunters.

"Jace!" Clary says running in. Jace and Clary run to each other and hug. Addy just rolls her eyes.

"Seriously? Your not gonna thank us for saving her? You know I could of left her behind" Addy mutters causing Izzy to hit her upside the head.

They all turn in time to see Clary lean in to kiss Jace. Alec walks away, Izzy follows, and Addy is left dumbstruck.

When it looks like they aren't going to stop anytime soon, Addy leaves to find Alec.

"Alec?" Addy asked knocking on his door. "Can I Come in?"

She waited a few moments before knocking it again. "Alec, sweetie, it's just me, open the door please" She asked quietly.

"It's open" She heard through the door. She opened it and walked in. Alec was sitting on the end of his bed facing the door looking down at his feet.

"Baby?" She asked walking up to him. She stood in front of him and cupped his cheek using her right hand. "Talk to me, what's wrong?"

"Clary... and Jace" Alec said.

"You should be happy for him, I mean at least he isn't rejecting himself" Addy smiled. He didn't say anything, just backed up out of her grip.

"Alec?" She asked. "Are you in love with Jace?" She said below a whisper.

"What? Why would you say that?" He yelled, causing Addy to flinch back in fear. His eyes and tones immediately softened.

"Addy, no it's not like that, she just ruins everything" Alec said taking her hands in his.

"Be easy on her, it cant be easy being Valentines daughter, losing your mother, having your best friend being un-dead, and just having the world you knew being turned upside down" Addy said. He pressed his forehead against hers.

She pressed her lips against his. The kiss was soft and tenderly. Them taking in every ounce of love and pouring it into the kiss. Because they loved each other and only each other.

He backed up into the bed and laid down with Addy hovering over him. His hands traveled up her shirt, leaving butterflies on her skin.

"I love you" he mumbled into her lips.

"I love you too" Addy replied.

His hands grip the hem of her shirt and he pulled it off, breaking the kiss. Addy looked down into his blue eyes.

Alec smiled and flipped them over, so he was hovering over her. Alec pulled of his own shirt and connected their lips once again.

She wrapped her legs around his waist. And twirled his hair in her fingers. The kiss got more and more passionate.

Addy flipped them back over and got off of Alec.

"You little tease" Alec joked. Addy slid off the bed and headed for the bathroom. "Where are going going?"

"To the bathroom" Addy said flashing him a smile.

Addy got in the shower and the warm water hit her back. She sighed softly and let the water hit her.

15 minutes later she sighed and stepped out of the shower wrapping a towel around her. She changed into some shorts and a tank top.

Addy had some clothes in his room, just in case she had a nightmare and slept in his room, so in the morning she could change.

She walked out of the bathroom and was engulfed in a hug. "Miss me?" Addy laughed. "I was gone for a couple of minutes"

He changed into some sweatpants and still had no shirt on. "I don't like being away from you."

She poked his cheeks and smiled "your so cute" Addy said. She suddenly felt very cold. "How cold do you keep it in here?" She asked

"It's just cause you got out of the shower," Alec said handing her a sweatshirt, which she gratefully took and pulled it over her head. It fell down mid-thigh.

"Whoa, Mr. Giant" Addy said flapping  the sleeves that went over her hands, and smacked his chest. He rolled his eyes and smirked.

"Your so cute" he said. Which caused Addy to blush and looked down.

Alec lifted her chin, exposing her red face. "Did I just make Addison Rose Fairway, blush? I got to do that more often, your even more cute when your embarrassed" Alec said. Which made Addy go even redder.

"Shut up Alexzander Gideon Lightwood" Addy said burying her face in his chest to hide her blush, which caused Alec to chuckle.

He swooped her up bridal style and brought her to the bed. "Alec!" She giggled.

They laid in bed and cuddled, Addy in Alec's arms, him murmuring how much he loved her.

"I love you Alec, I love you with every ounce of my heart" Addy whispered. "Screw my heart I love you more than anyone could ever love someone else."

"I love you so much, Addy, Your my gift sent from Raziel, straight to me. I love you, don't ever doubt that" He said.

Addy smiled at that. He is her only love.


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