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Mage's POV

*Tok* *Tok* *Tok* I slowly opened my eyes and looked at my watch, It's just 7. I saw a baseball bat and held it while opening the door.

It was Jack. Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack.

I step backwards and let him in.

"I'm sorry." We said together.

I looked at him and smiled. I won't ask him why is he like that yesterday, I'll just let that slip away.

"No jokes but I missed you and I don't know why." I said.

"That's because you like me." He said while smirking.

I rolled my eyes at him and he chuckled while raising his hands.

"So, Did you went home last night?" I asked curiously.

"No." He answered bluntly.

"Okay I won't start again but don't build walls on me." I said then he shrugged and smiled at me.

"Wanna come with me?" He asked.

"Where?" I asked him curiously.

"You'll find out later. Just wear something like tank top and shorts." He ordered.

"Why?" I asked in confusion.

"Just do it. Just trust me." He said while winking and I nodded.

I'm guessing we'll swim or something. I don't know where are we going but I feel so excited.

After changing to a tank top and shorts he led me near the ocean. I was shocked when I saw two surfboards, I ran towards it and hugged it tight.

"Surfing?!" I asked him excitedly.

"Surprised?" He asked.

"Very! I always wanted to do this. Do you know how to surf?" I asked. I am very excited to surf. Dream come true and it's cause of Jack.

"Dream come true?" He asked me.

Did I said it outloud?

"Yes, you said it outloud." He said and I just looked at him. Why do I keep saying things outloud?

"I don't know." He said while chuckling. I face-palmed myself but still smiled. I am so excited right now, as in super excited.

"Come on! Let's try it." He said.

"But I don't know how to surf?" I said while scratching the back of my head and he chuckled.

"That's why i'm gonna teach you." He said while smiling.

"Sorry." I said and he winked.

He removed his shirt and 'Omy-woo.' I distracted myself by continuing to hugged the surfboard.


We stopped surfing around 5 in the afternoon. It was so fun.

When I was a kid I always wanted to surf, It was really a dream come true. At first, I can't understand what's Jack teaching me but after a couple of tries and tons of falling in the water, I already understood it but you know, I still fail and fall in the water but I still had so much fun. I can't explain my happiness right now. I had an amazing day. Thanks to Jack.

After that, we headed to the tree house to shower and to rest.

"Jack." I said while smiling.

"Eh?" He asked.

"Thank you for making one of my dreams come true." I said in a sleepy voice and he chuckled.

"That's not a problem and I would gladly make all of your dreams come true." He said while smiling.

"Thank you." I said again and closed my eyes to sleep.


"Wake up." I opened my eyes and saw Jack shaking me to wake up.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked worriedly.

"Help me fix my camera. I'll go ahead now and wait for you there." He said and I nodded.

Weird.. I didn't know that he have a camera. I looked at my watch, it is just 8 in the evening, I have slept long. But wait, again, he have a camera? I feel weird.

I just shrugged and headed to the bathroom, quickly brushed my teeth and peed.

After 5 minutes, I am already done. I climbed down the tree and when I turned around I saw a very beautiful dining table. It looks like the dining table that Jack and I ate breakfast but it is more fancy and simple. I like it tho.

Someone tapped my shoulder and I turned around. Jack is handing me a rose and I accepted it.

"Let's sit ma' dear?" He said like a very true gentleman.

"Doesn't suit you." I said teasingly while shaking my head.

"Way to ruin the romantic moves. Just you Mage, just you." He said while chuckling and I shrugged.

"Now this is what you call romantic dinner." I said to while laughing.

We had a lovely but simple dinner.. After eating our dinner, we headed up the tree house. We shared jokes and all. Time passed by and it's already quarter to twelve.

"I'm sleepy." He said in a raspy voice and I chuckled.

"Then go ahead and sleep. Want me to sing you a lullaby?" I asked and he rolled his eyes.

I smiled, he smiled back and then he slowly closed his eyes and whispered, "Goodnight." After a minute or so I also whispered, "Goodnight to you too."

After hearing him snoring, I also closed my eyes and slept.