(Y/D/N- Your Daughter's Name)

"Justin! Come here and take (Y/D/N)!" You yell from the kitchen. She's five years old, and she resembles Justin. Alot. She's been pulling your dress and she hasn't let you cook. "Wait baby, I'm coming!" Justin replied from upstairs. He came running downstairs and he called out "(Y/D/N) Baby, come to me, Momma's cooking. Come here we'll play!" and She ran to Justin. Justin picked her up and he spun her around. Wow, he impresses every girl. Including his own daughter. They're so cute. :')

You were baking a cake.. since Justin and your daughter wanted something that you cooked by your own. Suddenly you heard them both whispering. And your daughter ran to you and said "Mommy! Mommy bend!" and you knelt down, so you were her height. She hugged you tight and gave you a kiss, on the lips. (A peck) You said "Haha, who taught you this?" and She pointed to her daddy, your husband, Justin. 

He was sitting on the couch, with an innocent look on his face, and a smile curving his lips. You kissed your daughter's forehead and picked her up, as you both giggled. You walked to him and his head turned to your direction. He got your daughter from you and he sat her down on his lap. You kissed him on his lips, and your daughter, she jumped and kissed him on his cheek. You kissed again, and so did she.

You were playing like this, until Justin cooked up a storm. He said "Who owns me?" and you gave him a dirty look. Your little girl screamed "I do! I do! I own daddy" and you just smiled at her. He then said "Okay sweetheart, go play with your toys" to your girl, so you both can romance a little. She said "No daddy, I wanna play with someone!" and He said "Well, darling, dad and mom are gonna get a little busy now, I'll play with you a little later dear" and She started crying and kicking her legs. She said "I want a brother! Or a sister! If you give me any one, I won't bother you both!"

Justin said "Sweetheart listen.." and She cut him off "No daddy! I want One! Please!! Daddy!" and He convinced her by saying "Okay darling, I'll get you one. It's not that easy you know? And it's not me who's gonna be carrying the baby, it's your mom.." But you interrupted by saying "Justin, it's too much for a 5 year old to understand." and You picked her up and you raised your voice a little. You said "(Y/D/N) Keep quiet! Play with something now, I'll think of your brother or sister." and She said "Okay" and she started playing. You shut the door and walked back into the kitchen.

Justin came into the kitchen and he said "Why'd you raise your voice when your talking to her? Honey?" and you said "Justin! She's too young to understand this!" and He said "I know. But don't you think we should give her what she wants?" He was in the mood.. And he wanted to hold you in his arms. So he said it. You were pissed off. All the pain it took to get this girl into the world.. It's not easy. 

You replied "Justin? I can't believe you actually mean that! I don't know Justin, I'm not going to go through pain and just pain again." When you were pregnant with your daughter, it wasn't easy for you. Your body tried to push her out, and tried its best to kill her inside. You were given hormonal injections and all kinds of shit. Justin wrapped his arms around your waist and said "Baby I do mean it. But the last time, I was with you. I didn't leave you alone through the pain, did I? It pained more, seeing you in pain." and you yelled "Justin stop! I'm telling you I'm not going to do it. I'm not buying it Justin, just go!" and you pushed him away.

Oops. What did you just do!?? You overreacted! You made this an issue, turned it into an arguement from a discussion. What did you just do? He's definitely angry with you. He moved away and went upstairs. He doesn't like it when you push him away like that, you know it. How are you gonna make it up?

You ran upstairs and you saw him, playing a video game. You said "Justin, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry baby." and you tried to kiss him. He pushed you away, like you did. He didn't say a word. You said "Why are you pushing me away!?" and then he said "That's exactly what you did." and He continued playing. You said "I'm so sorry. I'm really sorry" and you started crying, you couldn't take it. It was really disturbing. He looked at your face, filled with tears and he couldn't resist the urge to hug you and tell you not to cry. He simply said "Wipe your eyes and continue your work in the kitchen." and you said "Thank god." and He said "Wait, I didn't forgive you." and you were like WHAAAT?  

You told him "Baby come here." and he said "No." You snatched the joystick from him, and you threw it across the room. He said "Hey! What are you doing!?" and you put your index finger on his lips, and said "Ssssh." and you pushed him down, and kissed him. He immediately fought for dominance, and won. After a whole make out session, you said out of breath "Am- I, For-given?" and he nodded and said "Not fully yet" and you both started kissing again. (Well, I'm outta here girl. You and your husband enjoy, peacefully!) 

He shut the door and he came back, kissed you and flipped you, so were beneath him. He said "Can I?" with his puppy dog face and his cute voice, you got hypnotized and you said "Yes." And you regret that now. After a couple of minutes, both of you, were undressed. (OH GOD. I don't like where this is going.. Lol!)

He kissed your neck, and your jawline, your shoulder, your fingers, your hands, your stomach, your chest, like connecting dots. You couldn't stop moaning, it was out of control. He kissed you one last time, and entered you. You moaned loudly, so loud, it was echoing. Everytime he's doing his thing, you keep calling his name "Justin......." and he says "Yes!" and it was like you were learning to call his name.

After a minute or two, your bodies couldn't take the heat and all the pleasure, and exploded. He collapsed on your chest, which was rising and falling. He said "I love you baby, thanks!" and You said "Justin you trickster, you made me do this. I hate you!" and He said "Nope, you don't. You love me and I can feel it. Your heart's beating for me, and I can hear it." and you said "True. It beats only for you." and you guys kissed. (Would you guys please stop kissing? I'm writing an imagine here! Eh!?)

You could hear someone knock the door, so Justin wore his boxers, and opened the door. He said "Sweety! Come here!" and picked this little figure up and kissed her. It was your daugher. You pretended to be sleeping.

She said "Daddy? Why was mommy screaming your name?" You opened your eyes a little and looked at him. He looked here and there for an answer. You giggled a little and he saw it. Before he could answer, she said "Was mommy having a bad dream?" and He said "Oh yeah, Yeah, she was having a bad dream, yes." and she replied "Poor mommy." and he said "Yeah, Poor Mommy." And you heard them giggle. 

What a happy family you were. That's life. You're really grateful to god, aren't you? 

I personally love this imagine. It's so cute and it's so perfect! I love this! Omg. ;3 And the gif.. There.. That's how he blushes. OMG! :O <3

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