Chapter Nine

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" Leonardo! Kaiden! You finally came! Say hi to the ladies. " said Alex with a huge grin.

I looked behind and saw non other than Malik and Leo. ' Fuck my life! ' I thought, as I turned back to Alex. I was so shocked. I hid behind the chair that I was sitting on. I knew that it wouldn't work, but you can't blame me.

" Kill me now. " I murmured.

' What are they doing here? Why am I there? Mum! I hate you. I truly do! Why did you get me here? This is Leo's house. Wait! Did he said Kaiden?! Isn't his name Malik?! Okay, now I am confused. ' I thought as I looked back to Malik, and Leo.

I immediately returned, and sat properly. No one noticed my expression change. I sighed in relief, and then tried to reason with the situation. I didn't want my mom to suspect anything. I would have to lie. Gosh! Why did this happen to me out of all people? Why did Alex's son have to be Leo out of all people too?

" Brianna, you okay? " asked my mum.

" Me! I am good! I'm good! " I replied with a sour face.

I mentally slapped myself at the way that the answer came out in. She looked at me suspicious for a second, and then turned back.

" Leonardo, you have met madam Mason before. Now meet her daughter Aubrianna. " said Alex and I did the thing that came to my mind first.

I hid my face with my hair. I mentally slapped myself again. I truly hoped that Leonardo, and Kaiden hadn't noticed me yet. If they did, I would die.

" It is nice meeting you, Aubrianna. " said Leonardo in a teasing tone.

" Yeah! You too! " I replied still behind my hair.

Then it clicked. My hair's highlights... Shit. I hated this. I had a lot of highlights in my hair making it special. I could be recognized anywhere, because of my highlights. Shit! I was so doomed. Why did life hate me so much? Now what would I say?

' Oh my gosh! This is so brilliant. ' I thought complementing myself.

I put my hand on mouth, and my arms around my stomach. I then said " Where is the bathroom, sir? "

" What's wrong, Brianna? " asked my mother, who was probably embarrassed.

" At the end of the aisle to the left. " replied Leonardo.

" Thank you. " I murmured, and left.

When I reached there, I let go of myself and sighed. I opened the door, and went in. I washed my face, and then opened my bag. I found all my make up there. I mentally thanked God, and started applying it again. I didn't want to look bad. And I didn't want to embarrass myself more.

I was done in half an hour. I checked myself one last time before leaving. I sighed and started walking back. But without any warning, I felt a hand grab my wrist. I wanted to scream, but a hand was placed on my mouth. I took seconds for me to be pinned.

" Fuck! " I murmured.

I looked at the man, and as perfectly as I expected it was Malik or Kaiden or maybe both. Well, I had to ask him to reason this out.

" Hey! " I said awkwardly.

" Hey, sweetheart! " he said smirking.

He wasn't feeling awkward at all. I rolled my eyes, and said " Don't call me that! "

I was pissed. How dare him do that to me? He just scared the shit out of me, and then he called me sweetheart. I tried getting away from him. I did for a few seconds, but was pulled back.

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