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It has taken us a long, long time to recover. The Tenth left many open wounds and scars yet to heal. The earth itself is still trying to recover. However, the then heiress has ascended to the throne and does not sleep anymore.

Sel will need more time to rise from the ashes, but as long as we are together, there will be hope and I can rest knowing that there will always be someone to wake me up again, someone who went to the very Land of Death to protect me.

What I uncovered I will never forget, and what I lived I shall never repeat. I had to learn that the hard way, but that's the way things were supposed to be since they began, and I can only hope my story serves a purpose in the lives of those who discover it. As a memorable elf said in the past, you have my word that it will be the highest of honor I could ever have.

May our paths cross again as they did once upon a time, noble soul. Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.

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