Chapter XLVIII

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Wiese and I were walking in silence, saying nothing at all. I was still trying to understand why things like that happened, why beings like Balmbena or Martin had to endure such tortures. I never doubted the good reasons behind everything the Gods acted, or why they did whay they did, as I understood that for a new life to began, another one had to end, that for good to exist, so had evil to be present.

Their stories made me feel more grateful for having such a family as the one I had formed in the middle of mayhem, but I couldn't totally accept it without the hurt that it implied to remember them, without remembering how they had spent their lives. It wasn't fair, it would never be, and despite it was useless to feel that way, I couldn't help it.

"Mom," said Wiese, suddenly stopping, "something's wrong. There's fire, green fire."

"What do you mean?" I asked right away.

"Mom, something is on fire!" They screamed and started to run.

"But where?!" I shouted following their steps. I could see the marks on their body, the ones that covered their skin when they was about to transform.

"Near Pandora and Gail! Mom, they are in danger!"

"Gods, please no," I mumbled, "where are they?!" Wiese said nothing. Now fully transformed, they took me in their arms and jumped as when they rescued Pandora and I.

The wind hurt my face, but I could only think about them, my family, my witch, my daughter, and that warlock who was becoming a good friend for all of us. I could not, I did not want to think something had happened to them because Wiese and I had not been with them. I did not want it to be true.

Wiese made inhuman, impossible jumps, crossing long distances in just seconds. I tried to ignore the dead landscape as we went, leaving everything behind, sending a silent prayer to the heavens.

I saw the fire then.

A thick column of dense smoke rose on the horizon. I could see the green flames engulfing everything they could, but I could not identify what was falling apart from where we were. Wiese took a leap that shortened the distance as much as they could. I could hear them run out of air, but there was something in them that made me feel alarmed. Something was not right, I could feel the disaster approaching as we advanced.

"Alynne! Alynne!" My skin bristled at just hearing the voice of my witch. There she was, holding Gail in her arms, leaning on Draxen. Behind them, my castle was on fire.

"NO!!" I screamed.

As soon as we landed, Wiese took Gail, who was in pain, but awake. Pandora took me by the hand and we ran together to my home. I could not think of anything, I could not feel anything. Something in me was tearing apart with every step I took.

Everything was on fire, every corner of the castle, every wall. There was no place that was not being scorched. Pandora didn't stop tracing runes so that we could make our way, but I felt my life wouldn't be enought to reach the prison.

"Pandora, save them, leave me behind if necessary, but save my parents, I implore you." I said as I passed through the main entrance. She said nothing, just stood firmly by my side, protecting me, just as she had always been.

We crossed the corridors, she destroyed walls and shortened the path whenever we could. I felt that I wouldn't get there on time, that I would not have enough time. Out of the corner of my eye I saw several elves engulfed in flames, screaming in agony. I passed them by not even thinking about them.

A vampire pounced on us, but I jumped on her and ripped her eyes without thinking much. One of Pandora's runes went to her and set her on fire, but with a wave of her hand, Pandora made the book appear again and attracted a dagger the vampire had.

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