Chapter 39

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I awoke to Malik pounding on the door screaming.  I sat up quickly trying to get wake up.

"GET UP NOW! THE LIGHT PACK IS IN OUR TERRITORY!" Malik yelled through the door. I jumped out of bed. Looking over I saw somehow Azreal was still asleep. Leaning over I shook his shoulder hard. Instantly he was awake. He looked up at me eyes bright and alert.

"What what's going on. Evelyn?" He said shooting up and in one stride was by my side grasping my hands I his large warm ones.

Not responding I ran over to the door pulling him behind me to the door. I threw it open to see Malik with his hand raised to pound on the door yet again.

"Malik what's going on?"

"The light pack is coming in from the east there is at least half of the pack here. They are moving in fast. The warriors are awaiting orders and the rest of the pack had assembled." Malik said.

"Let's move we have to met them before they get farther into our borders" I say with urgency.

At that I nod and Malik and I follow him at a brisk pace down the stairs. Azreal was close behind me.

"What are we going to do?" I said to Azreal through our link.

"We are going to destroy every last one of them." He replied with a dark growl.

"You know your pretty sexy when you get all let's destroy the world." I said sighed with a dark smile and a wink.

He groaned low out loud. "Your going to be the death of me love" he said.

I just smiled. We slowed our pace as we neared the door leading into the meeting room. Azreal stepped up to me slipping his hand into mine he leaned down and kissed the top of my head. I smiled up at him and with that we walked into the room. As soon as we did I looked around at our pack. Everyone even our youngest members had sheer looks of determination set across there faces.

"We are in this together." Azreal said through our link.

"Forever and always." I replaced.

Azreal stepped up in front of the large crowd. "The light pack is on our land. They have chosen to attack our pack. There has been a long and brutal rivalry with our packs and today is the end. We are going to wipe out there pack. Don't they know that light is smothered by darkness." Azreal said with a dark growl in his voice.

"Warriors move into 7 units. I want two units to set the light pack on our eastern border. One unit to the north, one to the south, and one to the east. The rest of you I want the children, mothers, elderly, injured and anyone who isn't able to fight in the compound. Your job is to take care of each other. I want a unit of warriors here. Guard all entrances inside and out. No one gets in or out who's not our pack. Let move." And with that our pack instantly split up. Going into groups everyone was moving.

I turned to Malik. He looked down at me his face grin. "I want you to stay here." I said.

"Excuse me?" He said crossing his trunk like arms over his broad chest.

"I need you to stay here with the pack. Keep everyone calm and everything under control. Azreal and I will handle the rest." I replied.


"No you are staying here and that's an order." I said with a growl. He submitted by baring his neck to me. I rolled my eyes and spun around to my mate.

"Are you feeling better?" I asked him as I reached out placing my hand on his chest.

"Yes my love I'm fine." He said kissing me. 

"Now come on we have some furry asses to kick." He said with a smirk pulling me behind him.


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