Embarrass you

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Natali Danish as Ray🔝


"What the hell!" I scream opening my eyes and jumping to the back of the shower only to see Ray standing there with her hand on the cold water knob.

"I'm gonna kill you" I yell as she runs out the bathroom. She didn't even put the water back normal. I furiously close my eyes from the soap entering my eye socket.
I reach my hand over to the knobs being guided by the tiled wall.

I quickly turn the water back hot and wash the soap out my eyes before turning off the water.
Once I leave the bathroom, I get a idea on how to get Ray back.

I wrap a robe around myself before sneaking out my room and making my way to the kitchen. I rummage through the cabinets before finding exactly what I needed. I make my way back to her room and quietly snark in. She's in the closet picking out an outfit so I tip toe to her blow drier and pour a shit load of flour in it.

I snicker a bit before hearing her approaching the door. I jet out the room with being noticed.
I stand beside her door and peak my head in from the frame.

She comes out rubbing the left over lotion onto her olive skin before walking over to the blow drier.
She plugs it in and sets it to a speed before putting it in position.
She turns on the drier and her chestnut hair is immediately covered in flour. I see her priceless expression and begin to break into laughter.

Her head snaps to me and she clenches her jaw before walking towards me. I quickly bolt down the hall into my room, locking the door behind me.


"I hate you" she barks as she gets out the car.
"You love me" I reply blowing her a kiss before being interrupted by the sound of squeals.
"What do you thinks going on" Ray asks.

"Don't know, don't care" I comment before walking towards the beach.
As we step on the sandy surface, it becomes visible that the commotion is just a bunch of girls.

The closer I got, the more I saw that they were surrounding those 3 boys we saw at Starbucks yesterday.
I roll my eyes at the sight of this ignorance and push past the crowd of girls making sure not to get in contact with them. I don't know what hiv's they carry.

As I open my bag, I stop in my tracks and remember who exactly we saw out side.
"What's wrong?" Ray asks taking me out my trance.
"That boy, I'm suppose to kill him" I reply looking behind me to the parade of girls coming down from the sand to the water

I quickly turn back around a avoiding contact with
"THATS Cole Stone. As in the leader of the pietra?"
I nod my head with a emotionless expression.
"This is going to be a fun summer" I declare with a smile on my face.


We laid out our beach towels and sat down taking in as much sun as possible.
As I was basking in the shade, I was barricaded with darkness. Opening my eyes, I see 3 girls standing in front of me and Ray.

"Can we help you?" I sneer.
"You need to move" she replies.
"Listen Lex, we graduated high school, I don't have time for this" I answer glaring into her bright blue eyes as I stand up. My 5'7 heigh meeting her 5'6 height. not much of a difference.

"My baby wants this spot and asked me to get it for him" she replies twirling her honey blonde hair when saying the word baby.
"Yell your baby, if he wants the spot, he'll have to come get it himself" I spit sitting back down on the towel and crossing my legs.

"BABYYY" Lexi practically screeches and stomps her foot on the sand surface.
I turn my head to the boy she was referring to.

He had short hair with a curly pattern sitting on his scalp with a messy
"I just had sex" look to it.
The stubble on his cheeks and jaw pricked out his pores.
This guy, was no one other than
Cole Stone. Aka Stone cold
And of course, he had 2 men beside him.

Cole scans the beach to each girl with no expression.
Once his eyes hit mine, he stops wondering and keeps his gaze on me with a smirk creeping on his face. God I hate that smirk.

I stand upright on my feet preparing myself for the confrontation.
I try looking away from him but he keeps his stare on me.
He maintains his posture and slowly makes his way towards us.

He approaches us  and I'm immediately engulfed with his strong cologne. Jeez did he shower in it today?
"What's going on?" He asks scanning my body, but of course, he couldn't see anything because I had my cover up on.

I heard a high pitched voice scream my name and looked over to see The girls that have been handing to my and the guys since yesterday.
I turn my gaze over to that girl and smirk at her.
She narrows her eyes while keeping a cold expression before looking away.

"Katana and her friend won't move, and I want this spot for us" Lexi whined as I look over to the girl again.
She had a cover up on, but I could still see some of her body due to the cover being a bit see through.

"Why can't we sit somewhere else?" I ask Lexi a bit annoyed.
"I want this spot baby" she replies.
"Can you move so we can sit here?" I ask Katana.
"No" I replies taking a seat on the towel.

All of the sudden, Lexie's hand reaches towards her attempting to reach for her hair. Katana grabbed her hand and quickly stand up with the brunette following behind her.

She forcefully dropped Lexie's hand and looked into her eyes with a cold glare.
"Don't make me embarrass you in front of your boy toy" she whispers loud enough for me to hear.
He voice, was so soft, yet demanding. And what sounded like a faint Haitian accent, rolled off her tongue.

"Ugh" Lexi exhaust before storming off with her friends following her.
Damn. Who is this chick?

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