When she Speaks: ( *)

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Speak- Intro 

  'Do you mind if I sit here?' A boy  whispers. 

I can feel his warm breath grazing the top of cheek. Heat surges through my veins. I've never been so close to a boy before. 

The entire cafeteria gasps in shock and the whispers burn like fire at my back.  I try to block out  the voices. 

There is just one voice that stands out  among the rest.  

'Why would you want to sit by her?' Amanda Williams says. Her heels pounce on the floor and she makes her way to her newest victim. She eyes the boy up and down with interest. Desire flickers in her deep, blue eyes.  She wants him and she will stop at nothing to have him.  

 'Why wouldn't I want to sit by one of the most beautiful girls in the cafeteria?" He challenges. 

He thinks I'm beautiful? 

 "HER?" Amanda William says, "You have to be joking. You can' t possibly think that she's remotely attractive.  Just. Look. At. Her.  Look at the hideous scar that has branded her face for life. 

And not only is she ugly, she's a freak!  She doesn't talk to anyone. In fact, she doesn't even know how to fucking speak!"

 I want to die. I want the ground to open and swallow me whole. I stare at my lunch, but I'm no longer hungry.  I want to run away from everyone's gaping stares but my legs feel too heavy and numb to run. 

  I force food down my throat and try to stop the tears from spilling.  Amanda leans down with a wicked gleam in her eyes, "Oh, you poor baby! Are you going cry, now?" 

And I stand up to run but I trip under my own shoes and fall to the floor.  Everyone laughs. Everyone but him. I stand up and race to the door.  

Once I'm outside, I breathe. My knees are burning and I don't think I can run much further. The door cafeteria door opens and the man slowly walks outside.

"Are you okay?" He manages to ask. 

   No, I'm not okay. 

I shake my head, reassuring.

"I never realized girls could be so evil. " He says, "I don't know how you can stand to put up with that shit." 

 I try to force a smile. His eyes thoroughly examine my body but his eyes stop at my knees. I follow his eyes and realize that both of my knees are bleeding.

  I shrug as if to say, I'm okay

  "Let me take you to the nurse. Please, you need to get your knee checked out." He says.

I shake my head.

No, I don't need your help or your pity

"I'm not taking a no for an answer. You either walk with me to the nurse or I will throw you over my shoulders and take you myself." He says.


My mouth drops open. He wouldn't do that.

He winks, "Don't give that look. Because I will do it if I have to. Now are you going to walk to the nurse or do I have to throw you over my shoulders? Nod your head once for the first choice and twice for the second choice. " 

I nod my head once.  

He drapes his arm around my waist and lean on him for support. He tightens his grip on my waist.

"You feel nice." He mumers.

He doesn' t like you. He's just being nice. 

"And, I like that your quiet. Most girls talk too much."  He says and laughs. He continues to talk even though I don't respond to his comments.  

"I just moved here from Britian a few weeks ago. I use to have a thick accent but now I almost sound american. I wish I could hear your voice. I bet you have a really sexy voice." He says.

I try to keep my face neutral.

Is he messing with me? Maybe, he made a bet with the other guys.  He has to have a alterior motive. Guys never talk to me. 


 'Does it hurt to walk? ' The nurse asks.

Nurse Kelly knows that I don't speak. 

I nod, yes

'I don't think anything is broken. I'm going to wrap your knee in badages to stop the bleeding. And then I'm going to call your mom. Alright?'


Nurse Kelly looks toward the man in the doorway. "Can I help you, sir?"

  The man shoots her dazzingly, half smile. His smile makes my heart beat faster and faster.

"No, I'm just waiting for her."  He says.

Nurse Kelly blushes. "I didn't realize you were a student here."  Nurse Kelly can not hide her disappointment. 

 Nearly five minutes later, my mother marches into the office. Her eyes resemble the dark flames of a fire.  She grabs my face and kisses my cheek, "Are you okay, baby?" 

I nod.

I'm fine, mom but you're embarrassing me. 

"What happen? Did he hurt her?" She says and turns to him. 

Nurse Kelly places her hand on my mother's hand. "No, he helped her. I don't know exactly what happened because....." 

Because, you're fucked up daughter doesn't speak. 

 'Some girl said some mean things to her and she tried to run but she tripped. And I convinced her to go the nurse's office. Her knees looked pretty bad, but it looks like she's going to fine.'  He says.

 My mother looks grateful and she rewards him with a small smile.   "Thank you so much for looking after my daughter.. umm?" She pauses and waits for his name. He reaches out  and shakes my mother's hand. 

 "James. And It's been a pleasure to meet you and your beautiful daughter." He says.  He makes my mother blush.

My mother swats his hand. "You are too charming! And the least I can do is to invite you over for dinner. " 

Please Say No. 

He smiles wickedly, "I would love to join you both for dinner."



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