26) 'Awakened Testosterone' And Other Problems That Sound Just As Awkward...

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A/N: enjoy this special christmas edition with this professional illustration

A/N: enjoy this special christmas edition with this professional illustration

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26. 'Awakened Testosterone' And Other Problems That Sound Just As Awkward In-Context

So now the squad was No More. They had ceased to exist, and it was... weird. Benjamin and Thijmen walked into the class to find them dispersed, as though yesterday's fight had been a cue stick and them the pool balls. None of them seemed to have quite found their pocket, though. Heston sat at the back corner playing with his DS while Martin sat at the other back corner pretending to text even though Benjamin knew he was just typing 'wjhknvhekgvh' until the class began. Messiah wasn't there yet. Pi was, as a matter of fact, speaking to other people. Right. He was the Odd One Out. Odd one out in a group of odd ones out.

But it was over. C'est fini. He was pretty sure that was Spanish.

Behind him, Thijmen was drawing on his table. It looked like he was trying to make a person, but—lo and behold—he wasn't very good at it. Frankly, it looked like an abomination that had escaped from hell.

"Your drawing is pretty."

"Is it?"

"No, but I thought I'd be nice and say it does."

"Ben, you hurt me."

"Oh, sorry."

He sighed and wet his fingers to wipe the drawing away. The squeaking sound it made had the teacher, who came in at just the right time, looking over, but Thijmen claimed he was removing something the previous owner of the desk had drawn and he was dubbed the saviour of the day, before she started her class.

Messiah still wasn't there though.

"Where's the other European?" asked Thijmen.



"How should I know? Nobody's talking to me. He's probably just doing something for vegan rights or something like that. He does that from time to time."

Thijmen pursed his lips. "So you guys are really broken up, huh? Do you think it'll last?"

Was there reason to think it wouldn't last then? Did he really think they'd just go back to what it used to be? Just get online and play League of Legends together like nothing happened? It sounded unlikely. Sadly. It hadn't even been a day and he already missed it.

Had they even thought about what Ben wanted?

"Don't cry," Thijmen suddenly said.

"What? I'm not crying."

"No, but you look like you wanna cry."

"I don't."

"Yes, you do."

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