Chapter XLVII

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Once again there was the silence, once again everything was at peace. The difference lay in that now the mutism was oppressive, like a claw that caressed my neck as if it were a reptilian tongue. I could not deny that the adrenaline was wreaking havoc on my blood, and yet I was trying to keep myself under control so as not to jump on the elves camping in front of us to start a massacre.

"Just one of them, we need only one of them," I repeated to myself in the lowest of tones. I was already tired of being worried about remaining alive in The Tenth's sick game, if it was a game at all for her and not something less significant. The last thing we needed was to get caught.

Wiese was preparing the rune to attract one of the elves, but it required a skill they hadn't developed yet, a high class of magic that would need their full attention to work. I understood that, but it didn't prevent me from feeling that we were already short in terms of time. I wanted them dead, all of them.

"For what I say and what I mean is for a noble cause, make a life not meant to last come to us," Wiese finally said, putting an end to the spell and revealing a curvy rune made of grey light. "Sorry it took this long, mom," they apologized with a shy smile.

"Don't worry, honey, just release it so we can save Pandora," I put my hand on their back so they felt more confident about it. Wiese closed their eyes, stabilized their breathing, and mumbling a so be it between his teeth, let the rune fly to the group of elves, visible only to us. However, we were surprised when the rune changed its rune in the last second, getting inside of the forest.

"Is that supposed to happen?" Wiese asked, worried.

"We're about to find out. Let's follow it."

With no more words, we went into the woods, retracing some of our steps but then walking a totally different path, one with not so many trees but enough large stones to hide behind in case anything went wrong.

I still felt useless with no weapons. It didn't matter that I had faced an elf and a vampire with my bare hands, that we would be free still if it weren't for The Tenth arriving when I was about to kill the leech. It was as if I had nothing to offer, nothing to do for my family, either for myself or anyone else.

"Mom, that's not true." Said Wiese all of a sudden, not loosing sight of the rune as it entered deeper into the forest.

"Maybe, but that doesn't change the fact that I feel uncomfortable. And stop getting inside my head, Wiese. To be able to do it doesn't mean you have the right to do." I looked at them for a second, just to make sure they were listening. They squeezed their lips in a regretful gesture, making it clear they had understood. "I know you only want to help," I added focusing on the rune again, "but there are limits, they mark the difference between liberty and libertinism."

"I know, I know, I'm sorry, okay?" They said, still ashamed. "It's just that I never thought I would be special, and now seems like I can do anything I want."

"Honey, you can do whatever you want, just not whenever you want to. Beware of stones," I took them by the hand so they wouldn't fall because of the unstable ground. The roots of the trees, although famished, had crossed the ground, destroying it and making it unsafe for those who walked without due care.

"Okay, I'll remember it. It just feels great to be good at something," they explained as we walked, "just one thing, and I also want to be able to help in whatever I can. If there comes a time when I need to get inside someone's head, I want to be able to do it fast and easy."

"And you will, just try not to practice with me, at least, not right now, okay?" I stated to mark an end. "After all of this ends, you will practice as much as you want."

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