The secret ingredient is love

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A strong flourly smell filled the house as Error entered into the living room which led into the kitchen,only to see a white powdery mess all over the kitchen bench with a guilty-looking Fresh covered in flour.

"What the fuck are you doing?"Error manages to say trying to process the mess.

"Bakin' duh" Fresh replied taking off the glasses that were covered in the flour.

"Baking what? It looks like a tornado ran through here!" Said Error as he grabbed a mop and bucket from the cupboard.

"Baking a cake bruh" Fresh corrected Error ,wiping the flour off his shoulder,while watching Error clean up the mess he made.

"Could've you at least let me help you?" Error grumble mopping up the mess

"Since when we're you a chef Glitchy?" Fresh sassed leaning on the kitchen bench.

"Since 1684."Error replied sarcastically "seriously though,I don't want you to burn the house down again" as he placed the mop back in the cupboard.

"Well let's get cooking! Mr 1684 chef!"

"Shut the fuck up"


After cleaning the place,the duo prepare the mixture,a chocolate cake mixture with minimal (damage)mess,Error stood on a wooden stool mixing the mixture while Fresh rummaged the top shelfs for some ingredients.

Error turned behind him watching Fresh's expression change as he shoved things around,watching Fresh's lavender eyes dart around,causing Error's cheekbones to flush bright blue.

Fuck,Fresh was hot without his glasses.

Error turned away trying to pay attention to the mixture's texture,if he didn't think baking together wasn't any more romantic,Fresh decided to wrap his arm around Error's waist.

"How's da batter goin'?" Fresh asked tugging Error closer to him,making Error jump alittle.

"A-alright" he squeaked out silently scolding himself.

"Radical! The tray's already greased so we shall a cake in no time Bruh!" Fresh exclaimed letting go of Error

"As long as we don't burn the house down" Error joked trying to ignore his embarrassment.

"Bruh ya got somethin' on ya face"Fresh pointed out poking Error's face.

Error didn't realise that when Fresh grabbed him,he had flick some of the batter into the air,Error wiped his face with his sleeve to see the stain of chocolate.

"Ya missed a spot" Said Fresh as he cupped Error's cheekbone and wiped the chocolate stain off his face,making the the poor glitchy skeleton to turn bright blue.

Didn't help that Fresh licked the batter that was on Error's face.

"Man,this cake gonna be super sweet!" Fresh excitedly exclaimed not paying attention to the poor blushly blue face Glitch.


While Error cleaned up,Fresh was happily decorated the cake,the cake surprisingly came out alright,slightly burnt(which led to a joke of Error being a burnt piece of toast) but it was actually edible which was good.

Error finished cleaning everything he exhaustliy laid on the bench occasionally glancing at Fresh,watching him decorate,his smug grin plastered in his face.

Error sighed in content,his soul feeling soft and fuzzy from watching his crush have a good time.

"Aha! My rad master piece is complete yo!" Fresh exclaimed proudly posing in front of his masterpiece,a dark blue icing surrounded the cake with squiggly lines of purple and white dots,Error had to admit it was quite interesting considering Fresh's colour scheme was usually was unicorn puke.

"Hm,good job Fresh,who's this cake for anyway?" Error asked as Fresh pick up the plate with the cake on it.

Fresh paused for a bit before holding the cake in front of Error.

"It's for y-ya,Bruh" Fresh answered averting eye contact with Error.

Error stared at the cake then back at Fresh who was trying not to look at him.

"Wait,really?" Error chuckled "I mean,I didn't expect this from you"

"I-I know dawg –I just y'know,wanna show my appreciation towards ya Bruh"Fresh managed to stutter out,a faint purple blush dusted on his face.

Error looked back at the cake to which he notice that the cake icing was supposed to be space,as in outertale,his favourite AU.

"Heh...thanks,you're a much better artist than Ink that's for sure."Error admitted

"W-wait ya totes m-mean it?" Fresh asked ,not believing what he was hearing.

"Y-yeah" Error sighed turning around to place the cake on a nearby table "you'd make a pretty great boyfriend.." he mumbled under his breath.

"Wait,ya think I'd be a pretty good boyfriend?"

Error Froze,his soul thumping out of his chest rapidly,he turned around to see the shocked face Fresh made that made his soul thump faster.

"I-I mean—"Fresh paused walking up to Error and holding his skeletal hand "I wouldn't mind being your boyfriend"

Error felt his soul flutter from both the adrenaline and that Fresh–no HIS Fresh confessing his feelings.

They both looked at each other awkwardly,unsure what to say.

"So uh do you want to eat this cake together?" Error asked holding Fresh's hand tighter.

Fresh smiled in pure bliss "I never thought ya asked Bae".

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